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Styled. issue six | the art of summer merrymaking

I am incredibly happy to share with you today the sixth issue of Styled. magazine! An edition brimming with floral inspiration from start to finish. It will be the last issue I release until late this summer and I hope it inspires you to stop and enjoy the beautiful reasons to you may have to celebrate this season. Samantha did a wonderful job with the graphic design and I think you will find our contributors, projects, and prose to be exceptionally perfect for the gradually coming warmth of summer.

In an effort to hear your thoughts and share this passion we are offering a little giveaway with this release. If you peek into this issue and leave me a note about something you loved you will be entered to win a gorgeous floral clutch from Anthropologie. If you share the magazine with a link to this post on Twitter, Facebook, or pin the cover on Pinterest you can have a second, third, and fourth entry. Just leave a comment for each media network you share through. Thanks for helping us get the word out and I really look forward to reading what inspires you.

The giveaway will remain open until April 30th.


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  1. What a great e-mag… I just loved the theme… flowers! It is filled with fab tips and ideas!
    Thank you for taking the time make this e-mag such a nice flower :)

  2. Um, can I just say that I loved absolutely everything in this issue of Styled? The flowers, the date night ideas, the table styling—everything.

  3. I loved the whole issue! I’m really going to have to try dying my own flowers though, it’s such a pretty idea.

  4. I love this issue! Living in the desert makes me appreciate beautiful flowers that much more. I especially enjoyed the rose branch candelabra.

  5. Wow I liked a lot of things!
    But A couple of my favorites are:
    The photography!
    And The Rose Branch Candleabra is so pretty!

  6. i really loved the terrarium how-to–of all things that lovely tan wall in the background with the wild, yet subtle brush strokes–beautiful! the whole magazine is inspiring and fresh.

  7. Such gorgeous images- extremely inspiring! i love the bohemian brunch spread! It gave me great new ideas to try!

  8. I’m lovin’ this! Especially the article about flowers for date night! I’ll definitely be going back for more! Thanks! <3

  9. The flower party poppers are a brilliant idea! Really like the tulips on the cover and the bright pink flowers in the bohemian layout.

  10. It sounds so simple, but I love the suggestion of using small bowls of fresh vegetables at parties as a decor element/hors d’oeuvre. Usually I arrange several on a large plate, but the idea of small bowls looks so much prettier and less expected.

  11. Is it weird to say that my favorite thing about the entire e-mag is the font choice? Especially the swirly, whimsical font dispersed throughout the entire magazine, especially as author’s names after a quote. Love!

  12. Loved this issue. I especially liked the garden party idea. It makes me want to get my backyard into shape and throw one myself. I’d love to have my girlfriends over for an afternoon of sun and relaxation. The colors are magnificent!

  13. I just discovered Styled and I’m inspired and over-thee-moon for your ideas for antler floral pieces. I have a number of antlers around my house – my boyfriend keeps dragging them home – and this is such a great way for me to incorporate them into our home and make them work for me, as well. I also LOVE the way you styled the Bohemian floral dinner table.. I have to admit that I’m trying to find some lighting fixtures and the 4 colourful pendants were my favourite part!

  14. Okay…loved EVERYTHING…but if I had to single something out…definitely the antler center piece…AND…okay, two…the article on terrariums.

  15. I love your E-Mag!! The florals are spectacular and I pinned many of the pictures….. I love the garden party idea and I LOVE the quote…I would rather have flowers on my table than diamonds around my neck!! I pinned that one too! Such beautiful photos and ideas. I pinned the cover and facebooked about your magazine. OH and I tweeted too!!

    Enter me in for the purse for sure.


  16. Beautiful magazine throughout! I clicked on the cute picture of the chalkboard paint on jars and learned how to make my own chalkboard paint in any color. Great idea.

  17. I loved the DIY section, especially the section on creating terrariums, can’t wait to make one for my office at work! I’ll make sure to tell everyone where I learned to make it!

  18. This magazine is so beautiful! I loved the date night article – so very sweet. And the floral party poppers will be my next DIY project for a party – loved them!

  19. First of all, the magazine loaded super fast! I hate waiting on pages to load for emags. I love how many pictures there are. It is well organized! My favorite page was the wood grained tags. need to try those!

  20. OMG, the antler wall decor was so my style. And the how to make a terrarium was perfectly timed–I want to make one for my toddler.

  21. I loved the pics from The Ferry Building. Went for the first time last year and fell in love with everything. Got macarons, salted caramel, steamed milk from cow girl creamery, lunch at the slanted door. it was a perfect day!!

  22. How can I pick just one thing? I loved the DIY ideas! The photography was amazing too! Beautiful work :)

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  23. Love the magazine, the pictures and all of the colours are gorgeous. :) I especially love the tips for creating a summer party.

  24. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I loved the whole issue, it was so refreshing, colorful and full of life.


  25. I loved the Garden Party theme idea. We have such a lovely patio surrounded by Texas flowers in bloom, I may just have to use some of your decorating ideas!

  26. Loved the whole DIY section, especially the rose branch candlelabra. The whole issue is so lovely to look at, what vibrant photos.

  27. Wow! What a beautiful online magazine. I’m so inspired by all the ideas you’ve featured and the images are gorgeous.

    I’ve sent you an email as I’d love to feature this issue on my floral-inspired blog. I’m sure my readers would love it!

  28. Oh, man, I love this e-magazine! Saw a link to it from Decor8, and it’s divine. :D Is there a way for me to save this to my computer or print out a copy to keep for inspirational purposes? I would hate to lose it. :]

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