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the best apps for revelry

I thank technology everyday for making it easier to put on parties! Want to organize a seating chart for 300? Need to know how much wine to buy for your dinner party of 8? There is literally an app for anything a hostess might need. Here are my top 10 apps for revelry, no matter what kind of party you might be planning.

10 Apps for Revelry

Do you want your guests to remember the event with a customized video? What about impromptu karaoke? These apps include everything and give you the power to plan an awesome party while you’re out buying the balloons. Download a few before your next gathering:

1. food 52 | 2. top table planner | 3. pro party planner | 4. vyclone | 5. pitchin | 6. dj mixer 2 | 7. conversation cards | 8. hello vino | 9. karaoke anywhere | 10. postable 

And don’t forget my favorite crafting apps, right here.

Graphic done in collaboration with Lindsey Campbell for A Subtle Revelry.

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