printable thank you note stickers

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

Stickered thank you boxes are my newest obsession for saying a simple spring thanks! I love how the bright and simple text turns any small box into a wrapped gift of thankfulness. Stash a spa gift card in one for mom, or a perfect litte something to hand out on teacher appreciation day. The boxes will work for just about anyone you need to thank – bridemaids, guests, the mailman. Who do you need to thank today? Print, fill, stick, done!

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

I designed these bright text thank you stickers and also a printable thank you note postcard for sending thanks to folks far away. Print out a stash of the postcards, pre-stamp them, and place them with a pen by the front door for quick jotted notes of thanks. The easier I make it on myself, the more often I remember to send a thoughtful thank you.

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

Thank you for all you do (free!) printable

To print out the bright text Thank You stickers (click here). To print the postcards (click here). Avery was kind enough to send us a huge box of labels and paper for printing this special project. Although you can print these onto any paper, to make it even easier on yourself we used Avery print to edge 2×2 square labels #22806 to create the stickers and Avery matte white postcards #3263 to create the 4 to a page postcards.  

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miniature {may day} rose bouquets

Minature rose bouquets

Tis’ the season for gifting flowers. Mother’s Day is coming up, the end of the school year is almost here, and May Day is next week. May! One of my favorite traditions is to sit down with the kids every spring and make a list of who we have to thank. We have so many friends/teachers/family members who deserve to be thanked this year!

Celebrating the traditional doorstop floral drop on May first is a fun way to do this. A miniature rose bouquet is perfect for the kids to make and it is nice on the budget. You can make four bouquets for the cost of a dozen roses and filler. Simple. Sweet. Bouquets of thanks for everyone.

miniature rose bouquets

miniature rose bouquets

Start by gathering the flowers. Although you could make this bouquet with any flower, since it is miniature roses make it the most special. I also love eucalyptus as a filler. It smells amazing, is easy to work with, and you can hang the extras in your shower for a mini-spa after the bouquet making is done.  

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painted terracotta pots

Painted Terracotta Planting Pots

Whether you’re celebrating earth week, Mother’s day, or planning out thank you gifts for the end of the year… these painted terracotta pots are a great way to craft a gift that will be treasured. Planted with a small herb garden they’re my favorite new addition to the deck for all of our spring parties. And the painted pots are a crazy simple idea for bridal/wedding shower favors. I love that they can be used as party day decor and moonlight as favor gifts your guests will really love!

Painted Terracotta Planting Pots

Painted Terracotta Planting Pots

Updating the affordable terracotta pots with paint is really easy – with one important tip. Read the full tutorial I designed right here and make a stash for giving (or keeping!) this week.

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fun ideas for hanging huge photos at home

Great ideas for hanging large photos at home.

As spring-cleaning is in full swing, I am most definitely dreaming of new creative ways to fill my home with small corners of revelry. This often brings me back to photos. I love celebrating our family, adventures and friends through photos. There is something especially fun about hanging photos, especially HUGE photos! They inject such life into a room and instantly make a home feel ready for gatherings. Here are few of my favorite ways you can blow up photos and hang them at home:


1. A Family Photo Bookshelf. It’s not enough to just display a few old family photos in cute little antique frames, but what if there was a way to fill every shelf with actual photos as the backdrop?  There totally is! This tutorial shows you how really simple it is to recreate this super memorable bookshelf.


2. Faux-Newspaper Photo Display. This idea takes adorable to a whole new level. All this craft requires is a pages/word application on your computer, elmer’s spray adhesive, a thick piece of wood, and an imagination.


3. Large Photo Wrapping Paper. Have a birthday coming up soon and no idea what to get them? This tutorial will show you how easily you can make someone’s day by printing out a photo of you two, their kids, or a special memory to them and putting a little wrapping on it. Use the tutorial to wrap boxes that will rest on bookshelves and night stands as well.  

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introducing the cupcake chip!

Cupcake Chips!

Every once in a while a light bulb goes off in my head… and something amazing is created. Something so awesome, it changes my life. Something like cupcake chips!!!

A few weeks ago, I was baking a batch of cupcakes, after removing them from the pan I had quite a few pieces leftover. The kind of pieces that are a little too sticky to come off, the pieces that cook just a little too long, and end up just a bit too crispy. I peeled the pieces off, tasted and stopped to savor. Those leftover pieces are so freaken good.

While enjoying the crispy leftovers, thinking how good they were, it hit me… I should make a batch of just the leftovers. A batch of these thin, crispy pieces that I love so much. And all of a sudden – my new favorite treat was born. I am so excited to introduce you to… the cupcake chip!

Cupcake Chips

Cupcake Chips

Cupcake Chips

Packaged in bright and fun favor envelopes the cupcake chips are an especially sweet treat to enjoy this spring. Make a batch first for your family and watch as their faces light up at the awesomess. Between your taste buds, and their smiles – you will want to make these chips for everything and everyone you know. I’ve become a total cupcake chip evangelist… and am certain you will become one as well.

Cupcake Chips

Cupcake Chips

To make the cupcake chips you will need a mixing of your favorite cupcake batter (here’s one we love), a cookie sheet, plastic bag and parchment paper.

Start by mixing the cupcake batter according to recipe directions. Start the oven (turning it to the normal cupcake making tempature) and line a cookie sheet with the parchment paper. Spoon the cupcake batter into the plastic bags and snip the bottom corner off of each bag. Squeeze the bag to make quarter size droplets on the parchment paper. Make sure the droplets stay very thin. Do not make them thick. If one looks too thick use the back of a spoon to thin it out.

Cupcake Chips

Place the cookie sheet in the oven and bake for 5-8 minutes. Check often, the chips are easy to burn. Pull them out when the sides are a crispy golden brown. Remove from the baking sheet and let cool.

That’s it. These are seriously so good and in cute bags the chips will make adorable favors for a party this summer. Enjoy!

Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.

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anchors aweigh pinata

Anchors Aweigh Pinata

Anchors aweigh… It’s almost summer! I am feeling very excited and inspired for our warm season ahead. These paper anchor pinatas are a great way to kick off the festivities. Plus, if your house is anything like mine there is a lot of candy leftover from yesterday. Instead of slowly eating it all yourself – why not stuff a pinata, invite friends over, and share the sweet wealth!

Anchors Aweigh Pinata

Anchors Aweigh Pinata

Since this pinata is made with paper and a simple paint job (without all the fringe and fuss) it comes together quickly and will turn any day into a party. Also, glossy blue wrapping paper! Don’t you think it looks an awfully lot like water? Hang it on the walls, or use it to line your tables for an instant seaside look.

To make the anchors aweigh large pinata you’ll need two poster-boards, hot glue, paint, and a brush. The small anchor pinata favors will use two pieces of plain white paper.

Anchors Aweigh Pinata

Anchors Aweigh Pinata

Start by drawing out an anchor template, or download our free template right here. Cut the template out twice (either on the poster-board for the large, or the small paper for the miniature pinata favors). Paint the two pinata layers to add texture and a pretty touch for the party.  

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3 ingredient layer cake and chocolate letters

Hooray - Chocolate letter cake topper

I love the look of white frosted layered cakes. The height and drama they bring are so fun for a birthday. Making one (that actually looks good) normally requires baking skills. To get the same look with no baking necessary, we layered two angel food cakes, with strawberries and Cool Whip between the layers. Then covered the cake with a thick layer Cool Whip. That’s it! Two angel food cakes, cut strawberries and Cool Whip. You’ll only need three ingredients to make this great no-bake summer cake! Now I am dying to try one even taller.  

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diy in home photography studio – 3 ways

3 ways to DIY a photography studio from home

I know I have been promising blog updates. I have so much to share with you soon! First today, I want to share a little behind the scenes of how we get a studio look for our photography, without actually having a studio. I often get emails asking about our behind the scenes set up. I’m excited to share with you a few shots of our photo spaces, and the great tips I’ve learned about creating an in home photography studio along the way.

We’ve decided up to this point to not have a studio for A Subtle Revelry. Our logic is really simple. I chose to leave a great job to be a blogger, mostly so I could be home with my kids. Working from home allows me the freedom and ability to work during naps, to spend my afternoons with the kids and tune back in when they go to bed. I love being home with them, and although it gets a little chaotic at times, running this site out of our home has worked really well for us so far!

There are inevitably photos just that cannot include my laundry baskets, dishes and house as a backdrop. Here are three ways we’ve been able to create a DIY photography studio in our home, and on the cheap.

DIY photography studio

DIY photography studio at home

DIY outdoor studio space

Although basic, this might be my favorite DIY photography studio set up ever. Many of our small DIY photos like these printable pie boxes, and these embroidered favor boxes have been taken with this set up. You can make it for under $20! All you need is this small Ikea table (buy it in a couple colors for variation) and a white thick foam board for the backdrop. The table is a favorite of mine – it has a nice top that is not too glossy, but still cleans up easily. Plus, it is light enough to carry down the street when needed.

The downside to this set up is of course the sizing. I have a hard time shooting anything larger than a pumpkin sized project on it, and when shooting outside I find myself often scrambling with the weather. When all the elements do line up right – there’s not much that beats the pretty afternoon yard shade for a simple project.  

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