my list – the best summer projects

The best summer projects

Summer is basically here!!! It’s time to bust out the bug spray and host friends all season long. Whether I’m traveling or at home, the summer season is such a great time for crafting and trying out new projects.

I always have a summer hit list filled with projects I want to tackle, and this season my list has quickly spun out of control. Figured I’d share part of the crazy long list with you. So many awesome things to do this season. Here are my plans. What are yours?

fort building

Let the fort-building begin! You don’t need a special reason to camp out under the stars with your favorite human beings. Tis’ the season for forts, blankets, and our annual night out under the stars. We’ve used some variation of this same design every year and it’s always a hit.

Homemade Sunscreen

Learn how to create this fabulous homemade coconut sunscreen for super cheap using beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and some zinc oxide powder. The all-natural homemade remedy for sun burns is super healthy, and simple to make. We’ve been using it for years, saying no to parabens, and lathering up to soak in summer rays.

Roasted Peach Lemonade

Oh my… this roasted peach lemonade leaves my mouth watering on hot summer days. I mean, doesn’t this look absolutely amazing? I’ve really loved trying out new lemonade recipes this year! What’s your favorite one?


Re-style your yard games with these gorgeous painted horse-shoes. Leave the set out all summer and watch your friend’s just happen to gather at your house more often.


Have a pool party coming up and your decor ideas are running thin? Don’t do the luau theme again, re-style this incredible garland with pool noodles. You heard me right…pool noodles! Stock up on a few pool noodles and have a styled decor piece in moments!  

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custom wrapping paper for dad

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

I saw the best idea the other day! When it comes to Father’s Day we always like to go sweet and silly with our gifts. A gift to match the guy. Well, my friends at Zazzle reminded me of this crazy awesome idea they came up with using their custom wrapping paper.

The paper is affordable and can be personalized with the face of your favorite guy.

That’s not the best part though…

Once the paper comes, you can add details to it (or give the kids a marker!)

Details like a mustache, a pirate’s patch, or a uni-brow just for fun. Rad, right!?! A Father’s Day gift he will not soon forget.

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

I’m so in love with this idea. What fun things do you have planned for Father’s Day this year?

PS. Last year’s wrapping paper for dad.

(Photography by Jenny)

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floral print party vases

Floral Print Party Vases

Brightening up a room for a summer soiree just got really fun! These bloom worthy vases are a great way to add pretty color and design to a space. Make them for summer brunch and leave them lying around all season long (at least that’s my plan:) The bright colors and gorgeous textures make the vases a fabulous way to center a table and add bursts of floral revelry to every corner of the house.

Floral Print Party Vases

The updated floral vases can be made with any type of glass jar. When we are in party planning mode I often save up jars – jelly jars, olive oil jars and glass juice jars are my favorites for a project like this. Find an out of the way spot and stash the jars (after washing of course).

To remove labels from glass jars, allow them to soak in hot water overnight. It’s the quickest way to get a nice clean glass surface to work with.

Floral Print Party Vases

DIY vases

To make these updated party vases; start by covering the top of the jars with tape to ensure paint remains on the outside of the jar. Then paint the jars to coordinate with party decor – or just pick a few favorite colors. Painted lines are simple to do with straight lined tape and patience.

Once the vases are painted and dried, it is time to adhere the floral texture. Find pretty floral patterns on scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, old books, or print out a favorite collection online. Cut the floral pattern out along the edge of each flower.

Next brush a light layer of Mod Podge along the backside of the floral art and gently place it along the vase, smoothing as you go. Once the artwork is straight on the vase, place another light layer of Mod Podge over the artwork to secure it into place.

vases with room

Allow the vases to fully dry and set out with your blooms of choice to brighten a special day or any summer day. Pair the project with a batch of homemade champagne for an instant party your girls will love.

(Photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry)

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why don’t we – make homemade champagne

How to make homemade champagne!

Hey it’s Friday… Why don’t we make a batch of homemade champagne!?!

I noticed this great tutorial a few weeks ago on homebrewing beer and I laughed at it. Being the seasoned craft beer lovers wife I am, I know a few things about beer. One is that you need hops to make it happen. I read on though. By golly, that’s not beer at all. Nope not beer, it is basically champagne. Champagne made from fruits. Champagne that you can make at home. What!?! So of course, I immediately ran out, tweaked the recipe and made my own.

Make champagne at home!

How to make homemade champagne!

How to make homemade champagne!

To make the homemade champagne you’ll need pure 100% juice. The juice must be pure. It cannot have ANY preservatives in it, or the process will not work. We used 100% pure cranberry, pure organic carrot and fresh pressed pure apple juice to try this out (the carrot was by far my favorite!) You’ll also need active dry yeast, and bottles with air tight seals.

How to make champagne at home!

The process is fairly simple. Pour the juice into the bottles (you can even use the juice bottle if the seal is tight enough). Add in 3/4 tablespoon of yeast for every liter of juice. Seal and store in a cool dark place for one to two weeks.

The active yeast will turn the natural sugars in the juices into alcohol and before you know it – you’ll have a sparkling, fruity drink. Pretty close to champagne.

Champagne mixed with the sweetness of juice.

Carrot champagne! Strawberry champagne! Basically the sky is the limit here.

Mimosas anyone?

DIY homemade champagne

In pretty bottles the homemade champagne makes fun favors for a bridal shower or summer brunch party. The mixture I made was brought out again and again throughout the weekend and always received the same excited tasting from friends. The perfect BYOB beverage and an awesome way to kick off our first summer holiday weekend.

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)

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a subtle revelry – the team

A Subtle Revelry team

Today, I am so excited to introduce you to the local A Subtle Revelry team!

One of the craziest things about this last couple years has been hiring staff. Starting A Subtle Revelry as a hobby, watching it turn into a full fledged career, getting our first book deal, and quickly realizing how much I needed help – because oh-my-god-the-work-never-stops – it’s all been such a surprise to me.

The transition from lone craft stylist, to creative director of a team, has been amazing and honestly super stressful at times. In the process I’ve made some great (and not so great) decisions. Of all the good and, ehhhh… sketchy decisions I’ve made, hiring on a small local team has by far been the best one. Get to know us…  

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summer rocket crackers

Paper Cracker Rockets


The summer holidays are kicking off this weekend! What better way to welcome in a season of fireworks and barbecues than with a set of paper rocket crackers? The rockets can be made in minutes and will serve as festive favors from Memorial Day, through the 4th of July, and every barbecue in between.

The crinkle paper “flames” hide sweet treats inside the rockets – making them a favorite gift for guests of any age. Unlike the traditional Christmas crackers, these rockets crack open when the top is popped off. See the full tutorial right here to make your own stash of summer rocket crackers.

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