birthday balloon bombing

Birthday Balloon Bombing! Fill their ground with balloons to celebrate a birthday.

My good friend Carly has the sweetest tradition with her daughter. Each year she sneaks in on her birthday, before anyone is awake, and fills her floor with balloons! Such a fun and festive way to start a birthday off right. I definitely recommend buying a couple packs of balloons (in their favorite colors), sneaking in, and recreating this sweet moment whenever you can.

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rainbow paper garland

Rainbow Paper Garland

With Saint Patrick’s Day coming, and a spring sky filled with clouds today – the hope of a rainbow is seemingly everywhere. This easy to craft rainbow garland is a great solution for last minute St. Patrick’s Day decor. Plus, it’s one of those party pieces that works to brighten up moods on any old day.

If you happen to be planning a rainbow party (and why wouldn’t you be?) it’s a fun jumping off piece. Pair it with rainbow waffles, rainbow candles and any one of these rainbow crafts to host a gathering that will part the clouds and melt the snow (*claim not scientifically proven).

Rainbow Paper Garland

Rainbow Paper Garland

Rainbow Paper Garland

To make the rainbow paper garland; cut 2 inch lengths of bright colorful paper. Our circles are 12 inches by 2 inches (made using 12×12 scrapbook paper). The garland can be made smaller or larger depending on your paper size.


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25 genius ideas for spring

25 Genius Ideas for Spring

This weekend we turned up the time… Hooray! Colors are beginning to pop up everywhere, and I’m so excited to put away my winter coat and get picnicking. It is truly the most beautiful season of the year. Cure your spring fever with these 25 genius ideas to get in the mood for the season.

25 Genius Ideas for Spring - Cheesecake Tarts by Baking a Moment

Chocolate Cheesecake tartlets

25 Genius Ideas for Spring - Heart Pants by Nylon

Cut Out Jeans

25 Genius Ideas for Spring - Ombre Placemats by Design Love Fest

Dyed Ombre Place mats

25 Genius Ideas for Spring - Oversize Flowers by The House that Lars Built

Oversized Paper Poppies

25 Genius Ideas for Spring - Forest Pillow by Ruffles and Stuff

Felt Forest Pillow

25 Genius Ideas for Spring - Painted Rocks by Gennine

Painted River Rocks

25 Genius Ideas for Spring - Lemon Cookies by Cooking Classy

Lemon Sugar Cookies  

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faux floral lights

Faux Floral Lights

It’s that time of year when I desperately want bright flowers lining my walls and this strand of faux floral lights is such a pretty way to make that happen. I am obsessed with it! A fun and bright burst of spring – the lights are amazing for showers and parties this season. The strand is currently brightening up my office and I don’t think I will ever take it down:) Hang over a table, or string along a wall for an instant burst of spring.

faux floral lights

Faux Floral Lights

Faux Floral Lights

Faux Floral Lights

Faux Floral Lights

To make the faux floral light strand use a handful of bright artificial flowers (the dollar store is great for this!), and an old strand of Christmas lights. If the lights will be staying up for more than one day I would recommend using LED lights for safety.  

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brilliantly free floral fonts

I am thrilled we are almost to spring. The season just gorgeous! I love seeing the textures and colors burst onto our clothing, projects, and nature itself this time of year. It seems appropriate that our fonts should brighten and lighten up as well. I mean… why still write in winter’s dull type, when you can add a bit of floral spunk to your notes, posts and invites this month? Here is a collection of the most brilliantly pretty (and free!) floral fonts to bring your correspondence effortlessly into spring.

Floral Fonts

Brilliantly free floral fonts:

1. Bacana, by MAGOfonts | 2. Anagram, by Nick’s Fonts | 3. Floral, by Manfred Klein | 4. Little Daisy, by West Wind Fonts | 5. Notera, by Mans Greback | 6. Botanink, by Mans Greback | 7. Sapphire Sativa, by Gaut Fonts | 8. First Bloom, by Kat’s Fun Fonts | 9. Marry You, by Nishat Firoj | 10. Line and Draw, by M. Jordan Raspatie | 11. Leafy, by West Wind Fonts | 12. Bonney Lass, by Jonathan S. Harris | 13. Rhumba Script, by Nick’s Fonts | 14. Sevillana, by Brownfox | 16. JG Script On, by Julia Guinto | 17. Judy’s Garland, by GorillaBlu | 18. Qirlycues, by Qfonts | 19. Scriptia Happy, by Paulo R | 20. Shelley, by DJ Shermany | 21. Robinne Truecase, by Nymphon | 22. Giddyup | 23. Sang Fatchurrohmah, by Gunarta | 24. Inklings, by MCH | 25. Oceania, by Kreativ Fonts

Graphic created by Alli of Hooray, for A Subtle Revelry. See the full font gallery right here.

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colorful cactus

colorful cactus

Happy Friday! We are in the middle of a whirlwind week of family visiting and I am having so much fun prepping (and re-prepping) the house for our guests. I always buy fresh flowers when we have guests, but am still waiting for spring blooms to make it to Reno. Instead, I happened upon bright festive cactus at Home Depot. I grabbed as many as I could carry and planted them in little latte bowls. They’ve been such a fun burst of color while we wait for spring. I would definitely recommend planting bright cactus in little bowls this weekend. xoxo

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