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Christmas is coming! LET'S GET READY


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recreate | cotton tails

Hoping you had a happy weekend, mine was filled with sugared high kids and lots of Easter joy. We attended a play-date hosted by Carly on Friday. She had each mom bring a special toy to fill up Easter baskets for all the kids, such an easy idea that I am totally stealing next year! […]

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weekend revelries | risen

We stamped an alphabet of eggs and have had fun making words out of the different letters. Wishing you a very happy Easter weekend! PS. If you need something to do with all those sweet candy peeps, I made a dipping bar last year and more Easter goodies here.

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streamer egg hunt

We hosted a mini Easter morning while the grandparents were in town this week, it was fabulously simple and relaxed. For the kids I designed a streamer egg hunt. Each hidden egg was attached to a streamer that stretched throughout our house. The kids started at the begining of the streamers and followed them one […]

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simply Easter

Easter tends to be a simple celebration in our home. This year I am incredibly inspired by wrinkled linens, simple whites and festive sprinkles. Such a pretty way to wake up to the joy of Easter morning. Photo by Carly Taylor of our mini-Easter celebration, more in a bit… blessings.

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rolling of the cheese

My love for Italy seems to grow each time I find out more about their celebrations. During Easter every year masses of people congregate in Pasquetta, for The Ruzzolone (the rolling of the cheese). Instead of egg hunts, they roll nine pound rounds of Pecornio cheese down the streets. Completely fabulous! Via The New York […]

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