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16th Birthday Ideas For The Perfect Party

16th Birthday Ideas

Wow, 16 already! Where does the time go? And what an age to celebrate!

Sixteen marks the end of being carefree and the start of some serious responsibilities. With school exams around the corner and the pressure to start thinking of a career path for the future, life can get busy and overwhelming … and we have all been there!

A fun 16th birthday party can be just what the doctor ordered. 

Planning a sweet 16 birthday party is fun and exciting, but it’s not always so “sweet” for the parents who have to think of ideas and plan the event. So fear not, here are some party ideas that might make this process a little bit easier!

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The classic sleepover

Is it even a birthday party if it doesn’t involve a sleepover? Sleepovers are a winner all round, and can be themed.

For example, pyjamas and ice cream! Get a range of flavored ice creams and ice cream cones, buy a girly movie and relax with friends, a fun and simple favorite!

You can be a little more adventurous by choosing a theme of “black and gold glamor“.

Have a dress code of black and gold. Scatter black and gold balloons all over the house.  Buy black and gold creative face paint and paint each other’s faces as if you were in a masquerade ball! 

Let’s not forget the  pièce de résistance – a black and gold cupcake buffet!

Escape room

16th Birthday Ideas

If you haven’t yet been to an escape room, then I highly recommend you do!

Escape rooms have many different story lines and levels of difficulty.  Depending on the birthday boy or girl’s interest there is an escape room appropriate for every group! 

The minimum age for most escape rooms is 10-12 years old so there is no need for any supervision! Does it get any better than that?

What better way to finish off the party than going to the local pizzeria and indulging in a hearty Italian delicacy.

Top tip, you parents might want to try out an escape room for yourselves.  Nothing breaks the ice at a new job more than a team building evening like this one.

Back garden camping

Great for both boys and girls, a back garden camping experience is full of adventure. 

If your garden is big enough, light a small, controlled camp fire. Just the smell of the burning wood and fresh air is something money can’t buy!

Activities are endless with this party idea, burning marshmallows on sticks, evening barbeque, playing instruments and singing along to songs.  What a luxury that the night is lit up with the stars in the sky… perfection.

You can really elevate this party idea by hiring a professional photographer and videographer to record the evening.  Then you will have a collection of fun videos and pictures that will last a lifetime.

Turn this into a party the whole family can enjoy! Arrange a road trip with the parents and teens, take advantage of this opportunity to really bond as a group.  

And let’s face it, having a day or two away from your everyday surroundings is always more than welcome!

Murder mystery party

Murder mystery parties are the trend all over the world, and you know what they say “if you can’t beat them, join them!”

Just at the click of a button you will find an array of “mysteries” to choose from.  Some are more challenging than others, and bingo! Wasn’t that easy? A whole party planned just like that!

Now let’s turn this evening into a mystery.  For example, host a dinner party before the “murder mystery” begins.  Let the teens order from a menu that consists of three starters, three main courses and three deserts.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Wrong! Here is the challenging part, and hence the “mystery.”  The menu will only contain clues to the dishes that they are ordering. 

The teens will write on a paper what they think they will be eating after ordering each course. The papers will be inserted into an envelope.  For each round – which represents each course – will offer a fun prize to the winner who guesses the meals correctly.

An iTunes voucher would be a motivating prize for most teens to be eager enough to participate and stay focused during the games!

Spa retreat

What woman, young or old, doesn’t love a bit of pampering? Good news is, spas are widespread and it’s unlikely your town doesn’t have at least two or three to choose from!

That being said choosing the type of spa experience can be difficult! If you are from a small rural town, take a day trip to your local city and celebrate in a luxurious city hotel spa! Very cosmopolitan!

Vice versa, teens that are from a buzzing big city might like to experience a more rural spa setting in a quiet retreat just to mix it up a bit!

The trip is likely to be only an hour away on public transport.  What an opportunity for the teens to exert a bit more independence!

Almost all spas offer package deals which makes the cost of the party manageable! 

Bowling party

16th Birthday Ideas

Bowling has become more of a “vintage” activity, but, as the years go by, ‘vintage” and “individuality” just makes it even more of a cool party for teens that want to do something that the rest of their friends aren’t doing, and probably wouldn’t even think of doing!

Bowling screams “playful” and “easy going”. Again, no adult supervision needed, woohoo! 

You can make this party as big as you like by renting the whole bowling arena and a DJ, to create a disco bowling evening.

Jazz it up a bit more by having a vintage dress code.  Let’s face it, if you’re going to do vintage then rock that theme to its fullest potential! 

So there you have it.  Six amazing ideas ready to go. Don’t forget my invitation, now that I have done all the thinking for you!

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