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2 Party Ready French Braids

When we are getting ready to throw our hair up and party – there’s not a much better style than the classic french braid. It’s a great way to keep hair in line while dancing all night long… and the simple braid helps us look effortlessly put together. These 2 french braids are my go-to party look. First, the wrap around french braid and the top knot 2 braids on top of head! What is your go-to party hair look?

2 party ready french braids


French Braid

I had my good friend Erin, who also manages to be a braiding genius, help us out by reimagining and updating the classic braid into a handful of new styles. Simple and fun braids that are perfect for everything from the PTA mixer to your friend’s big weekend bash.

Here are the first 2 french braid styles that I am loving for a fresh fall look.

Wrap Around French Braid

How to do a Wrap Around French Braid

Wrap Around French Braid

1. Split hair in a side part, lightly tease hair on both sides of the part up by the roots for volume.

2. On the smaller side of the part- grab the hair from the ear forward. Split this portion into three strands.

3. Take three strands and begin to do a french braid around the back of your head.


4. Be sure to keep starting the braid further up your head next to the top of your ear and end it on the other side of your head beneath your opposite ear. The idea is to go diagonal with this.

5. Tie off at the end.

6. “Stretch” the braid out with your fingers by grabbing each braided piece and tugging it until loose.

Best Hair Spray

A good dose of hairspray will keep this look in check and ready for dancing all night long. I have a new favorite hairspray for party styles. Remember when we announced our newest beauty line? I’m so excited to offer this hairspray that keeps these 2 french braids party looks in check all night long, with a softness that feels great while you are wearing it.

Because of Arbonne’s pure, safe and beneficial commitment, this is one of the only hairsprays on the market without all the horrible chemicals floating around in it. The hairspray is even alcohol-free – so you don’t have to sacrifice your health or your scalp for a great party style.

2 french braids

how to Wrap Around French Braid

An easy party style for all the festive fall events this coming month.

Half-up Top Knot French Braid

The second update is a half-up top knot French braid! Since my hair isn’t long and flowing, sometimes I get stuck with re-imaging all the gorgeous braids online. The braid on top of my head hairstyle is so great since it gives a fun party style that can be done with just about any hair length and texture.

french braid on top of head

french braid top knot

Half-up Top Knot French Braid

1. Start by giving the entire head of hair a good curl your hair and spray those curls into place. The softness of our favorite new hairspray will easily be showcased in this style as the curls bounce around all night on the dance floor.

Favorite New Hair Spray (chemical free!)

how to style Half-up Top Knot French Braid

2. Grab a small piece of hair directly above your forehead and split into three strands.

3. Braid the three strands of hair into a Dutch french braid. A Dutch french braid is made by going under with each strand instead of over.

4. Braid the hair like this all the way back to the crown of your head and tie of with a small rubber band.

styling french braid

5. Stretch the braid out with your fingers by grabbing each braided piece and tugging it until loose. This I’ve learned is a great trick to make every braid look tousled and party ready.

Half-up Top Knot French Braid

6. Twist the hair up and pin into a messy bun, the looser and fuller, the better for this style!

Sometimes all it takes is a quick update to the hairstyle to help us all feel fresh and festive for a new season of parties. These 2 braids on top of head styles are my favorite!

PS. How to temporarily dye your hair & victory curls are also adorable for fall parties.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland. Thanks to Jaime and Sarah for loaning us your pretty heads of hair.)

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