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Halloween Invitations – Bright and Fun

Inside: Halloween Invitations Print At Home.

Hosting a Halloween gathering has become a bit of a tradition to our family over the past few years (we happen to live in a killer trick-or-treat neighborhood). When you live in a good trick-or-treat neighborhood. And you have an awesome chili recipe, it makes for an easy reason to invite friends over. Since our group is made up of kids of all ages. I try to do Halloween as spooky and fun, without getting dark and scary.

These bright, printable Halloween invitations are a great option for that vibe. They definitely say Halloween – but with a “let’s have a blast together” tone and not an “I’m scared to come in your house” tone.

Halloween Invitations

Ghost Invitations

The invites are free to print and simple to put together. Just follow the directions below for a festive and bright Halloween bash.

DIY Ghost Invitations

Halloween Invitations

Fold the wrap along the lines and secure with double-sided tape. Cut out the eyeballs or the ghosts as a fold over invitation. Fill in the information and include the extra throwaways in the invitation pack for a bright offer your friends will not refuse.

If printing invitations at home make your nervous, – download our free PDF 

Halloween Party Invitations

Click through this link for the free ghost halloween invite download or the free eyeball Halloween invite download. To make the invites, first cut along the striped lines for the invitation wrap.

Ghost Halloween Invitations

Project design and photography by Sibylle, of Funkytime for A Subtle Revelry.

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