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fabric balloons

I have a fun DIY to share today, taken from one of the editorial stories I styled for fall. Fabric balloons are a festive way to bring in texture when needed. I love their whimsical take on a very ordinary party supply. Make these balloons in multiple colors and in a combination of coordinating fabrics to add great interest to a fall celebration.

Make your own fabric balloons in just a couple steps. To begin blow up a balloon and measure your fabric around it. Cut fabric to size and dredge the fabric in stiffener. Cover the balloon smoothing out the fabric as you go (no need for perfection here, some wrinkles will bring needed depth).

Hang the covered balloons from a clothing line with a thick drop cloth underneath and let dry for about forty-eight hours. Once completely dry, use a pin to gently pop each balloon. As it deflates the balloon will pull away from the fabric leaving you a perfect fabric balloon shape. Attach a long dowel or rope to the balloon base with glue and finish off with twine.

Photography by The Prokopets Studio for a subtle revelry.



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  1. Wow – these are stella. Just found your blog and beautiful magazine yesterday (via Design Mom). And my girls and I made these balloons today! They are drying right now and are so cool.

    Thank you!

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