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Homemade paper flower tutorial

As we close out Celebrate picnic month later today (I will be announcing all the winners in just a few hours) I want to encourage each of us to continue enjoying the summer, resting under trees and making picnics for those we love. Here is a sweet addition I created that will lend a lovely touch to a lazy summer afternoon.

Homemade Paper Flowers

(photo from A Proposal Picnic)

The lovely thing about making a paper flower is that it does not need water- so it will stay alive and happily alert throughout an afternoon picnic + it can grow anywhere even out of an old picnic basket.

How to make a paper flower

First you will need 8 coordinating sheets of paper (double sided patterned works best). Download the Paper flower template by clicking HERE, it contains print quantity instructions for each paper.

  • Run the templates through your home printer and cut out the paper flower leaf shapes.

  • Cut one square of paper for the inner bud- 2 inches long by 4 inches tall. Fold in half and cut small slits going 80% down the paper.
  • Wrap this paper and glue in place around your floral wire.

  • Beginning with the smallest set of leaves first- glue each leaf to the floral wire around the base of your paper bud. Feel free to bend the paper into shape as you glue.
  • To create the flower photographed you will be gluing 3 layers of leaves from the center. Large, medium and small in descending order.

All picnic photography credits to Jackie Wonders

An easy and lovely way to brighten up your next picnic outing!


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