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3 Step Ping Pong Ball Lights For Home

Inside: The most colorful ping pong ball lights.

There is something so fun about creating a colorful piece of decor for your home, a party or just to liven up your space! We love this simple and festive DIY. This string of ping pong ball lights is a super simple DIY that is sure to add a little flair to any space!

Colorful ping pong ball lights

We all know that lights and candles can turn the atmosphere of a space into one of moody elegance, fun or excitement. Much like these easy outdoor candle stakes do for a yard, the ping pong lights will bring colorful revelry right into any room of the house.

ping pong ball lights

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How to make these colorful ping pong ball lights

To make this cute string lights, you will need just a few supplies:

ping pong lights

3 Easy steps to make ping pong lights

There are just a few simple steps to create this adorable colorful string of ping pong ball lights.

1. First, you will want to use your scissors to poke a hole into the ping pong balls. Then make a few small cuts into the ball.

2. Once you have your cuts, insert your string of lights into the hole.

3. Now, just light up your lights and you will have a fun and festive colorful string of lights that are great for any space!

how to make ping pong lights


how to make ping pong ball lights

DIY Ping Pong Lights

More festive home DIY’s

I love creating fun and simple DIY’s to make my space a little more colorful and fun, like these colorful ping pong ball lights! It’s such a great feeling to have friends and family over and being able to say that you made that stunning decoration! Here a few of my DIY decor favorites:

DIY ping pong ball lightsDIY string lights

Where would you hang your new festive string of ping pong ball lights? Let us know in the comments!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Alyssa Lynne Photography).

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