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Mom Was Right About The Rugs


After putting in the new hardwood floors we obviously needed something to break up the hard surfaces under our feet. Because I obsessively love the DIY white wash wide plank wood floors so much, it became a very hard decision.

Just exactly which rugs would be best for covering that up? I was heavily leaned into the camp of, “no rug will ever be good enough”. I mean what could possibly match these floors? I remember my mom’s love for rugs as a cure all design solution and my daughter’s recent tears, because why can’t her room have carpet like the old house! Mind you… her carpet was ugly, gross and very stained. It’s like they don’t even understand how awesome our new floors are.

After lots of pondering about how to make everyone happy we decided rugs would be necessary. I’ve come to terms with this as long as they abide by two very important rules:

  1. They have to be so soft my feet are like – YES this feels great!
  2. They have to be as pretty as the floor itself so I don’t end up hating them.



After deciding we would be putting rugs into most of the rooms in our house, I had the job of finding a number of rugs that I loved enough to cover the two rules above. We worked with Rugs USA to finalize our selections and I am so pleased with the result! Here are a few of the rugs I’ve chosen:

A Moroccan inspired diamond pattern for under the sofa.

cowhide rug that I figure will stand up to anything, after all it lived outside on an animal for years.

A huge and soft shag rug in the master bedroom that greets my feet with a happy hug every morning.

bleached vintage rug for the study.

grey map rug for the boy’s room which works with almost any type of decor.

This very pink and awesome over-dyed color rug in my daughter’s room, to go along with her other 1700 shades of pink.

Super soft sheepskin sitting underneath my desk, making work so much better.


I was nervous about ordering rugs online, but the quality and texture of our selections in partnership with Rugs USA eased all my fears. The rugs are super affordable (they have a bunch of them for 70% off right now!) and I was very impressed at the vibrant colors and soft textures.

Now that we have the wood down, rugs on top, and furniture in place – I can start doing all the fun parts of decorating! We’ve been styling and shooting so much this week. Can’t wait to show you more soon.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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