Yarn balls

Last spring I made these yarn flowers and immediately thought of how pretty they would be in a wedding. I altered the design just a bit to make them throwaways! Color coordinated and bunched together in bowls they are a fun way to say goodbye to a newly married couple this spring. Leave them with instructions for each guest to grab a handful.

See the whole project I designed for Project Wedding with detailed instructions here.

Photography by Carly Taylor


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Yarn Flowers- a tutorial

Knotted in love is the theme for a bridal shower we will be hosting soon. Here is a sneak peak at what I have been working on for the special day.

Yarn flowers…

Placing bouquets of these around the room will bring a fabulous dose of color to our little soiree plus they are cheap, easy, and eco-friendly! I spray painted thrifted bud vases to showcase the groupings of flowers.

Make your own yarn flowers

Materials for small yarn flowers:

A small (1 inch) foam floral ball, you can find them in packs of 12 at local craft stores.
Wrapped floral wire

Instructions for small yarn flowers:

Glue one end of the yarn to your foam ball.
Begin wrapping the yarn around the ball, wrap in sections to keep the coverage even.
Continue wrapping until the whole ball is covered.
Stick a piece of floral wire into the bottom of each ball to make a flower, cut down to size as needed.

I promised they would be easy! Easy enough to make hundreds for your next party but also simple enough to make just one bunch to brighten a rainy summer afternoon.


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{because monsters can party too}

festive monster games

Monster Sidewalk Bombs

Sometimes the kids and I have different ideals of celebrating. I plan a fall filled with leaves, homemade costumes, and simple pumpkins – they want shiny costumes from the shelf, spider webs, and monsters! To satisfy us both, I’ve come up with a new tradition. I am giving into the costumes and monsters they want, but in a way that is bright, festive, and fun.¬†We both win!

I created an afternoon of events called, “The Festive Monster Games.” The kid’s picked out costumes they wanted – landing on a unicorn and a dinosaur. I purchased a pack of candy eyes, ping-pong balls, craft supplies, and we had great fun playing our own festive monster games.

Monster Sidewalk Powder Bombs

Monster Sidewalk Powder Bombs

First up we made monster sidewalk powder bombs – such a hit! The bombs are hollowed out real eggs filled with baby powder, so they explode into a fabulous smoke storm when thrown against the sidewalk.

To make the monster sidewalk bombs we cleaned out our eggs by poking a decent size hole in the bottom and letting the insides drain out. We painted them bright colors and glued on candy eyes. Then using a paper as our funnel we filled each egg 2/3 of the way up with baby powder. Once the eggs were filled, each was sealed by gluing a small piece of tissue paper to the opening.

The powder bombs will explode on contact and the kids had a blast tossing theirs at the pavement, at the trees, and of course, at me.  

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{because carving should be pretty}

embroidered pumpkins

Embroidered Pumpkins

Embroidered Pumpkins

Embroidered Pumpkins

Looking for a different and (VERY) pretty way to carve your pumpkins this year? Look no further than a bit of yarn, a needle, and paint. Embroidered pumpkins have everything we love about carving, and the criss-crossing strings add a nice graphic punch to the mix. Using yarn and a simple pattern, you don’t even need to be a seamstress to get this gorgeous sewn look on your doorstep this fall.  

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{because i like chocolate too!}

10 amazing costumes for grown-ups

I know our lineup of kid’s party costumes may tell a different story this year, but… Halloween isn’t just for the little ones. If you like dressing up just as much as the trick-or-treaters, then these costumes will definitely inspire you! Whether you need a costume for the whole family, you and a special someone, or just for yourself like the Medusa hair above, these outfits are sure to bring a fun and festive vibe to your night.

If you have the urge to dress as a bandit, this Hamburgler costume is obviously the cutest option.


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10 wreaths for fall

Wreaths are one of the simplest ways to dress up a space for any occasion. Traditionally, they are made from Evergreen branches and symbolize strength and unity. If you need a quick decoration to welcome guests at your front door, then these easy wreath tutorials are perfect.

The yarn ball wreath above is a great example of how you can use everyday items to adorn your entrance for fall!  

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{because packages need personality }

face front gift wrapping

There are presents that call for ruffles and lace, and presents that call for fun and games. For the later we’ve designed these fun face package faces to lend a nod of whimsy for birthday gifts this year. They will make your gift memorable, no matter what is inside. I love how each little package brings a smile with it, and a slight wink to a new found gift giving tradition.

The wrapping paper can be made with white butcher paper – use our face templates or follow the instructions to create your own. Who needs a gift tag when you can mirror your receiver on the package for everyones enjoyment.

To make the wrapping paper faces you’ll need boxes to wrap (preferably with great presents inside). Black and white construction paper, white wrapping paper, and various colors of yarn and paper for the hair styles. Read on for the full set of templates.  

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{because no one wants a naked table}

10 awesome centerpieces

There are ways to center your table… and then there are centerpieces. An awesome centerpiece is a mini-installation that makes your table instantly feel like a party. Whether it’s a massive weekend hoopla, or a Tuesday night dinner party, this collection of DIY centerpiece ideas will cover your table in the most awesome of style.


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