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Princess Party Games: 22 Fun Party Games For Your Little Princess

Inside: Princess Party Games: 22 Fun Party Games For Your Little Princess

Every little girl has her favorite princess character. Some are infatuated with Cinderella, others favor Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Still, others relate to the heroines in Sleeping Beauty or Princess Jasmine from the film Aladdin.

Little girls love stories about princesses. There is something about the magic, the jewelry, the music and dancing, and all those fancy clothes! These are very appealing to most little girls. So why not throw a princess-themed birthday party for your little princess? 

You are going to need food, music, designs, and colorful costumes. The birthday girl is probably going to want to wear a fancy ballroom dress and tiara for the party. Or perhaps she will want to dress up as her favorite princess character. 

And with a party full of girls you will need to have different types of games to play with them. That’s where we come in. In this article, we are going to give you different ideas for some fun princess party games. And you won’t have to spend a lot of money on them. Our party ideas can be adapted to any budget.

Try to choose the kinds of games that will engage them in different ways. Some games are more active and it will get them moving around. Other games will engage their senses and make them think.

In some of these games, they will have to compete by themselves. Other games encourage teamwork and cooperation. Some of these games are just plain fun and silly. The most important thing is that everyone at the party has a lot of fun! 

If The Shoe Fits

We found this creative idea for a relay race online,  and we just had to share it. It’s based on the classic Cinderella story and her missing slipper.  Just clear or find some adequate space for a relay race, either indoor or outdoor. Depending on how many girls are at the party, you may have to throw in some of your own shoes to make a nice pile.

How To Play: 

  1. All of the players are divided into two teams. 
  2. Prior to the race, the players on each team will remove one of their shoes and place it in a large pile of shoes.
  3. When the race begins, the first players from each team run to the shoe pile. Each player tries to quickly find their shoe.
  4. When they find their individual shoes, they have to place their shoes back on their feet and run back to tag the hands of the upcoming runners.
  5. The game continues in this manner. Play one or two rounds of this fun and energetic game.

Mermaid Racing

In this silly variation of a race,  the girls are mermaids. Everyone has to pretend to have fins and slither to the finish line with their legs straight like mermaids. They wriggle because in this game they have fins rather than legs. As with the relay race (see “If The Shoe Fits”) above, all you really need for this game is adequate space. You can also use a soft fabric rope to tie their legs together, but that isn’t really necessary. You can even use sacks if you own them to replicate mermaids.


An Escape Room can be a really exciting activity. This ambitious game can be found online at the Queen of Theme Party Games blog. We just had to share it! It includes instructions and free downloadable printouts. If you want an exciting activity for older girls, this game can be the perfect thing for them.

Kiss The Frog Game

princess party games

Materials: lip-sticks for each girl/ downloadable frog printouts. This is another variation of the pin the tail game. Download some free printouts of cute frogs. (Note: In this era of COVID every child will get their own printout, and only one lipstick will be used per child.) Blindfold each child and apply lipstick to her lip. She will have to kiss the poster of the frog/ prince. At the end of the round see which child came closest to a proper kiss.

Story Time

After a few energetic activities, why not have some quiet time to catch your collective breaths? How about a little story-time with some princess themed books/stories? You can use props or puppets, music, and act out the parts to make the story more exciting. If you are feeling really ambitious you can even try to create your own story to tell the children. 

Royal Ring Candy Pick-up With Chopsticks

Go to the candy store and purchase some candy rings (ex. ring-pops). Players will compete with one another as they try to collect the rings with their chopsticks and transfer them from one bowl to another. Each player has one minute to see how many rings she can transfer. When the game is over, players get to keep the candy.  This silly game requires some dexterity. 

“I Spy” Princess Version

You will designate one room for this activity, hide various princess-themed objects throughout the room. These can be based on any number of popular princess-themed books or movies. Hand out cards of the hidden objects and let each participant take turns telling the players what they spy. Assist the younger children so that they don’t give away the clue. (Ex. “I Spy something silver that a princess wears! Answer: a tiara!)

Princess Ring Toss

Purchase an inflatable children’s punching/bop bag with a princess theme. See if you can find Cinderella, Aladdin, or Sleeping Beauty. You will also need several hula-hoops to use as oversized rings. These are your rings to toss to replicate the classic Ring Toss Game. Be ready to assist the smaller children.

Players will take turns trying to get the rings (hula hoops) on the inflated princess. Set the correct distance based on the group’s age and ability. Be prepared to assist them as needed.

Find The Princess (Princess Hide & Seek Game)

A fun twist on Hide and Go Seek. The princess is missing and you have to find her! Let the birthday girl hide first. The player who finds her first takes over as the princess. The player who hides gets to wear the tiara, carry the scepter, and any other princess accessory.

Princess Treasure Hunt

A princess party is a perfect opportunity to have a treasure hunt. There are so many ways to have a treasure/scavenger hunt. 

You can hide fun objects such as slippers, wands, crowns, or costume jewelry around the house. One fun idea is to hide colorful rings throughout the house. The girls will have to search for the royal jewelry. 

Create a simple treasure map, provide plenty of clues, and send your princesses out to search for the treasure. You can create separate teams where the winning team wins a prize.

Sifting For Gems

This is a fun game with a purportedly historical twist. Apparently in the 19th-century female guests at sophisticated parties played a game where they could sift through sand for the chance to take home a fine piece of jewelry. 

Purchase some cheap but fun costume jewelry and a sack or two of play sand. Bury these treasures in a bucket or a plastic bin of soft play sand. Each girl has an opportunity to sift for a piece of jewelry. The fun part is that every child goes home with a pretty piece of jewelry.

Pinata Princess 

Go to your local party store or outlet and purchase a princess themed pinata. If the birthday girl has a favorite Disney princess, choose that character. Fill up the pinata with an assortment of different kinds of candy, bracelets, costume jewelry, and stickers. 

Blindfolded players will take turns hitting the pinata. The great thing about a pinata is that everyone wins when the pinata finally breaks. Note: Since this game involves blindfolded kids swinging a stick around, you will definitely want to supervise the game so that no one gets hurt.

Musical Thrones

This can become a two-part activity:

Part 1) You can start the activity as a group art project where everyone designs the royal thrones. Dress up some ordinary chairs as fancy princess thrones. Use fabric, streamers, stickers, and any other accessories that come to mind.

Part 2) When the thrones are completed, arrange them so that the girls can play several rounds of the fun musical chairs party game. A classic game with a royal princess twist.

Princess Says

The princess (leader) wears a tiara during this version of Simon Says. Players follow the leaders’ instructions but only if she says Princess Says. Ex. Princess says hop on one foot. Princess says touch your nose. If a player follows your instructions when you haven’t prefaced your command with the required phrase (touch your knee), she is out for the remainder of that round.

Players will all take turns wearing the tiara and playing the role of the princess. Mix up the tempo of the game for older groups. The game will get sillier as it gets faster and faster.

Stick  the Tiara On The Princess 

This is a Princess variation of the classic Pin The Badge party game. Blindfolded players take turns trying to stick a tiara on a poster of a princess. We have found that velcro is safer and more kid-friendly than push pins.

The player who most accurately sticks the tiara on the princess wins the round. Play several rounds and make sure that everyone has multiple chances to play. 

Pass the Slipper Around (Cinderella Version)

princess party games

This is based on a popular children’s game called Pass The Ball around. Instead of a ball, in this version, the players sit in a circle and pass a fancy slipper around while everyone sings a song (music plays). 

When the song ends, the last one holding the slipper is “out” for the round. Play several rounds of this game. Here is the song:

“We pass the slipper around,

around & around,

and when the little slipper stops,


Ballroom Dance Freeze/Statues

This is a fun game that will get everyone moving, Explain the rules to the children before starting this game. The game is simple enough. Play some ballroom music and encourage the children to dance while the music plays, but to freeze the moment the music stops.  

Stop the music periodically. Those who don’t immediately freeze when the music stops are out for the remainder of the round. Keep the game going until the last girl is standing. She is the winner.

In a variation of these games, the princesses pretend to faint and fall asleep ala Sleeping Beauty. When the music begins, they suddenly “wake up” and continue dancing. This latter version might be better for very little ones since it isn’t as competitive and you can’t really lose.

Let Down Your Hair

This fun game comes courtesy of the Play Party Plan blog. It puts a fun twist on the popular Rapunzel story. It’s really very simple. 

To prepare for this game you simply wrap the same amount of yellow/golden yarn around the required numbers of blunt-headed chopsticks. (If you can find skinny dowels it might be preferable, or you can just sand down the sharp pointy ends). When you say “go!”, each player sees who can unravel “Rapunzel’s hair” the fastest.

Princess Tea Party Menu

The princess is having a royal tea party. Have the children dress up with costumes, hats, shoes, and jewelry. Find some pretty teacups and dishes to use for the party. Depending on the ages, the children might enjoy having some very cute stuffed animals participate in the fun. Why not have real tea and fun cookies to give it a real tea party feel.

Red Light, Green Light, One Two Three!

The twist in this version is that the princess sits with her back to the players while looking through a hand mirror. She closes her eyes and says the phrase while the players each try to advance upon her first. When she opens her eyes and catches a player moving, that player has to return to the starting line. In this version, she has to catch the players while looking behind her through the reflection of the mirror. 

Princess Trivia Game

Make two teams and have them compete against one another in a game of princess related trivia. The team that answers the most questions correctly wins a prize at the end. The questions should be relatively easy. Ideally, they should be based upon Disney or other popular movies that the children will all have likely seen. Classic books and stories about Princesses are also good. The Princess and the Pea is a good one.

The Princess And The Pea

This is a twist on the classic story. Instead of searching for a pea, you can use a green tennis ball or some other rubber ball. Stack up a tower of pillows. These are your mattresses. Hide the ball (pea) in the pillow tower. Players will all take turns trying to discover where the “pea” is. Every girl gets an opportunity to play the role of the sensitive princess.

Have Fun!

We hope you’ve benefited from our selection of 22 fun Princess Party Games. Take what you like. Adapt them as you see fit. Or you can try to create your very own original Princess game. The important thing is that everyone has fun together.