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Hard shell fruit dessert

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Back the party table with a pool float!

I’m always on the hunt for ways to make our party throwing bright and unique. Dessert was what I was assigned to this past weekend and I found the easiest way to finish off a summer BBQ. A hard-shell chocolate fruit spread! The kids love it, because anything on a stick is perfect for them. The parents love it, because fruit is involved. And I love it, because it is a crazy easy dessert spread that does not require turning on the stove.

Hard shell fruit dessert bar

Hard shell fruit dessert

To take the dessert spread up a level, set it out on a table filled with bright linens, blow up a huge and colorful pool float to back the table, and use cutting boards to lay out the goodies. These simple go-to ideas that can be recreated no matter what your space requirements. Great for parks, the beach, or any backyard BBQ.

Hard shell fruit dessert bar

To make the hard shell fruit spread; Cut the pineapples into small wedges, cut the oranges into slices and wash the blackberries to place along with the other fruit. These are our favorite summer fruits, but this concept can be replicated with whatever fruits you have on hand.

Once cut, it is important to get the fruit cold for the hard shell to stick correctly. First stick the skewers into the fruit pieces then place in the freezer for about 1/2 an hour. Once cold, follow the directions on the hard shell (which should never be chilled – yes I learned this the hard way, why do you ask?!?!?) to cover the fruit. I laid ours on a piece of wax paper and covered the top 1/4 of the fruits allowing the chocolate to drip as needed.

Once the chocolate has hardened transfer the fruit to your serving dish of choice – perhaps a pig cutting board! Set out plates filled with the hard shell orange slices and blackberries along with pieces of your favorite dark chocolate for a more grown up palette. A fruity, chocolate dessert spread for everyone.

Donut pool float


Serve the sweets with sparkling sodas and juice for the kids in these twisty straw mason jar lidded cups. The straws are bright and fun, plus the lids prevent spills from all the clumsy kids, adults, okay really it’s just me being clumsy with dessert. :)

Hard shell fruit dessert bar

Find all the table decor you need to pull off the best BBQ dessert spread at Kohls. Happy donut floating all summer long.

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