Pastel Rainbow Sand Art Hair

Let’s become a real life unicorns with pastel rainbow sand art hair and a unicorn inspired sand art cake. Who says birthday’s aren’t magic?

I am really excited to be launching our latest collaboration today. This is a series I’ve had in my head for years. It’s been a blast bringing it to life with one of my favs Jesy Almaguer. Over the next couple months, Cake & Cuts will bring us into a selection of really fun desserts and gorgeous hairstyles to match! Exactly what we all need to throw the best party this fall. RIGHT!?! The idea came from a line in a favorite book,

“I match my dessert. The story should be that I match my dessert”.

Which is, of course, every amazing hostesses dream story – a gorgeous dessert and an even prettier head of hair.

This first look goes by a number of different names; sand art hair, unicorn hair, pastel rainbow hair dye. Whatever you call it, the look is just as dreamy on top of a head as it is on a cake.

Pastel Rainbow Sand Art Cake

With gold specks in the sand art cake mimicking the platinum on the pastel rainbow sand art hairstyle, this look will be one that will be remembered for ages! It really does remind me of unicorns and all that is magical. Our pastel rainbow style is less early 90’s and a little more grown up. The pastel hues give it an office appropriate look that will still bring out all the fun on Friday night.

I often get an inkling to change up my hair around birthday time and next year there is a high chance this will be the look. There is even a temporary option for us hair commitment-phoebes & those who want to rock this fun look just for a weekend.

Pastel Rainbow Sand Art Hair - Be A Unicorn! >>> Temp DIY

Love This Temp DIY! Pastel Rainbow Sand Art Unicorn Hair

To create the pastel sand art hairstyle at home here are a few tips:

  1. Before turning your head into a rainbow of pastel sand art it first needs to get to a blond base (platinum looks best). This can be done to the entire head as we’ve done and gives the look a light, feminine and magical feel. Or it can be done in sections just to where you’d like the color for a more contrasting look with dark undertones.
  2. There is a temporary option that we recently found called Tinge. The temporary conditioning color will last about 3-5 washes and will give you this magical look for any big celebration that might be coming up. It’s a great option for trying out the trend before committing.
  3. The pastel sand art gets the magical look from dyeing the hair in horizontal triangles – instead of vertical strips. To achieve this look (if you are trying it at home ) you’ll want to section off the hair into about 6-7 sections at the minimum. Pin each section and work with one at a time. Layer 2-3 colors onto each vertical strand. Start at the top and section off wide about 2 inch chunks and apply the color in a sweeping triangle down.

Magical unicorns take your places!

Pastel Rainbow Sand Art Cake

Pastel Rainbow Sand Art Cake

What does every magical unicorn need? A gorgeous pastel sand art cake of course!

Get this cake look by combining a similar hair fomula to cake fondant, here’s how:

    1. The first step is to cover the cake in a layer of fondant. Take out the plain white fondant (you can find this in the baking section at your local craft store). Sprinkle powdered sugar on a flat surface and begin kneading the fondant to a workable consistency.
    2. Roll out the of fondant with a rolling pin, to about 1/4″ thickness, lifting and turning as you go. Dust surface with more powdered sugar if necessary to prevent fondant from sticking.
    3. Carefully lift the fondant with both hands and place it above the cake, eyeballing where it’ll be evenly positioned on the cake. Cover the cake with the fondant. With your hands, lightly smooth outward on the top and down the sides of the cake, shaping the fondant to the cake. Trim excess fondant from the base of the cake. See more about working with fondant right here.

Once the cake is covered it is time to paint! Use gel food colors + lemon extract to get our pastel sand paint look.

  1. Start by placing each of the colors you’d like to use into a small bowl (I like to use a plastic egg carton to stand in for a painters palette).
  2. Drip the lemon extract into the color base and use a wide brush to begin painting the cake.
  3. Use the same concept for the cake as you do for the hair – start wide and layer as you go down. Swirl the colors together and add in a bit of gold foil (here’s a tutorial on using gold foil) to achieve this abstract and completely gorgeous unicorn sand art cake look.

Pastel Rainbow Sand Art Hair

The look makes me want to throw a party. Like right now! Would you ever try this look? It is a fun idea to really set a milestone or special event apart from the average day. Especially when combined with our unicorn piñata.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Jesy Almaguer | Hair Colorist – Karina Soto | Desserts – Vanilla Couture | Set – Cest Marie | Styling – Knock Your Wear | Models – Monica Paulina, Coquis Valdez, Julieta, Gaby, Anette Morgan | Assistant – Tania Rivera & Jaque Rdz)