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random | band-aids

This is the second installation in the random series. I am taking random everyday objects and showing you their amazing, hidden, celebration potential. Completely random… fabulously fun!

Band-aids, although seemingly non-celebratory in nature can jump right into the party when styled right. Perfect for a last minute play date since we all have hundreds lying around. Also, a lively conversation starter at a casual evening get together. Have a little fun, your guests will be sure to smile.

Wrapped around kitchen skewers they become easy, go to tags, to decorate with. Flipped on their backs they leave a perfect spot for marking drinks. Hooray for the celebration of objects in our everyday!

Photos of the random series done by Carly Taylor.



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    • Thanks for your honesty, my husband said the same thing! I thought they were super fun but I suppose they could be taken a bit non-sanitary. Mine were clean, I promise! Perhaps, you could use it as an early Halloween idea:)

    • That’s funny, I had the same reaction even though they are really cute and logically there’s nothing gross about them!

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