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11-Year-Old Party Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

11-Year-Old Party Ideas

Eleven is probably one of the most difficult birthdays to plan for. That kind of ‘in between’ age where the child is already in the double digits. Almost a teenager, but might still come running into mom and dad’s room after a nightmare.

What is even appropriate for 11 year olds? Do they still see themselves as littlie kiddies? Are they too grown up to hold our hands while crossing the road now? 

Let’s face it, us parents are probably more unsure than they are about what turning 11 means!

How do we keep this birthday party just as magical as the last? By throwing an amazing party of course! 

But fear not! We have thrown together some fun filled party ideas that will have your little one bursting with excitement to get the party started!

A golden rule for planning an 11-year-old party is to keep it as gender neutral as possible. At this age there are usually both boys and girls from class on the invitation list! 

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1.Theme Park

Perfect! After all these years your little one has been watching from the sidelines while their older brothers or sisters are having the time of their lives on the big rides. Now your child is finally tall enough to go on them all!

This will probably be the first opportunity for all of the children in your son or daughter’s friendship group that the kids will be able to fully enjoy a theme park.  So there will surely be some excited, sleepless nights in eager anticipation for this trip!

Group tickets are usually sold out quickly when purchased in advance. However, don’t worry if this is more of a ‘last minute’ thing as you can most likely buy a great coupon online offering just as good a deal at the very last minute!

Amusement parks have catering on site so food won’t be an issue. If you are a bigger than usual group, it might help to talk to a theme park manager about reserving a spot for your group.  This way all the kids will sit and eat their lunch together as part of the birthday celebration.

2. Go to a Sporting Event

11-Year-Old Party Ideas

Do you have a basketball fanatic on your hands? Or a young and hopeful gymnast? How inspiring would it be to celebrate your child’s 11th birthday just feet away from your soccer idol?

Good news is, sporting arenas are HUGE! 

Buzzing atmosphere, check! Enough room for all the children you invited, double check! Possible picture and autograph moment with a talented sports idol, check check and check again!

There are so many seating options to choose from, depending on the number of kids (and maybe parents that want to tag along for the fun).

You have the following tickets to choose from:

  • Standard tickets.

The seats are usually outside. How close you are to the players is really on a ‘first come first choose’ basis.

  • Club seats.

The weather won’t be a problem with these tickets! VIP access to a food area or restaurant, merchandise stalls and much more!

  • Luxury boxes.

Crème de la crème of sport! The most luxurious way to indulge in sport!

Nothing truly beats the outdoor standard ticket experience. The sporting atmosphere there is just electric!

3. Slumber Party

An opportunity for your 11 year old to stay up late playing party games with friends, watching a few scary movies (probably without your permission) and just having a good giggle is sometimes all that’s needed!

Order in some pizzas! You don’t need to be a fancy host/ess.  After all, the kids don’t care how good your cheese soufflés are, what they really want is some party food. Enjoy the night off from your catering duties for the family.

No one knows your little bundle of joy more than you do! So if you want to jazz up the sleepover party with a funky theme, then go for it! 

4. Outside Pool Party and Barbeque

11-Year-Old Party Ideas

Don’t have an outdoor pool? Don’t worry! Fill up a little inflatable pool and let the kids play with the garden hose, they won’t have any less of a good time!

Bond with the other parents over a nice homemade burger in a soft brioche bun while the kids are celebrating.

Two parties in one! Say no more!

Why not involve the kids in the burger making and barbequing? 

5. Laser tag

Laser tag, the child proof version of paint balling! 

Get some adrenaline flowing with a laser tag party. You can buy as little or as many rounds of the game for the party, so schedule it to suit you!

You might even find a laser tag and assault course, or laser tag plus archery set up. A more than welcome addition to an energetic day! Shop around, you won’t be disappointed! 

6. Mini Golf

Mini golf can be played outdoors or inside, depending on the venue you pick. For anyone not familiar with mini golf, it doesn’t have too much in common with golf

Consisting of many rounds, players make their way from the first round until the last. The aim of the game is to hit the ball and get it through or around the obstacles on the way to the hole. You can’t move on to the next round without hitting every hole.

You will find the scenery playful and often colorful and some even have some funny obstacles that gets you thinking “how on earth is this going to work?”

People of all ages can enjoy mini golf. No matter how childish the course might look or how hard the game might end up being to play, the kids will feel they can enjoy every round. 

Top tip, make this activity a family day outing and you may find all the siblings will quit squabbling and bond!

So now you have six fun packed party ideas for you to offer your 11-year-old to enjoy. Hopefully, this has given you that ‘eureka’ moment you were looking for!     

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