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5 Scary Cakes That Are Wildly Fun

My kid’s LOVE the Halloween store this time of year, all the spooky and scary thrills them. We made a batch of 5 scary cakes for Halloween that have all the spook without the gore and blood. Instead we opted for pink candies, covered cookies and the best frightful cake recipes to surprise your Halloween crew.

The Best Way To Make A Scary Cake

Spiders, Graves, Fingers, and Fangs, these are just a few of the scary little things.

These easy to do scary cakes are the perfect addition to your spooky Halloween soiree. Grab a bakery cake and top with these treats, or create your own sweet baked cake. With a few colored candies and a few creepy molds, these little cakes will surely keep you on your toes.

Skeleton hand Halloween cake

Fingers & Fangs Halloween Cake

Basic supplies for making these 5 scary cakes

  • Fondant
  • Food Coloring
  • Snake Mold
  • Colored Chocolate
  • Skeleton Hand Mold
  • Spider Mold
  • Marshmallows
  • Fang Shaped Candy
  • Finger Shaped Candy
  • Cookies
  • Piping Bags

DIY scary snake cake step by step instructions
How to make a scary snake cake

1. Prepare your cake with your favorite icing.

2. Color your fondant with fun and bright food coloring.

3. Use a small amount of cornstarch to dust your mold, that way you fondant won’t get stuck in the mold.

4. Then use your mold to create colorful snakes.

5. Apply the snakes to the freshly iced cake.

Scary Cake Skelton HandSkelton Hand Scary Cake for Halloween
How to make a skeleton hand scary cake

1. Prepare your cake with your favorite icing.

2. Melt your colored chocolate and pip/pour into the hand mold.

3. Let that freeze before removing from the mold.

4. Apply hand to the freshly iced cake.

Spider Web frightful cake step by step instructions
Make this candied spider web cake

1. Prepare your cake with your favorite icing.

2. Use colorful melted chocolate candies to fill spider mold.

3. Let them freeze before removing.

4. Melt your marshmallows slightly.

5. Add black food coloring.

6. Use your hands to pull apart the marshmallow to create a spider web like look across your cake.

7. Then apply your chocolate spider candies to your freshly iced cake.

Fingers & fangs spooky cake
Make a Fingers & Fangs Spooky Cake

1. Prepare your cake with your favorite icing.

2. Find your favorite Halloween themed candy, such as our finger and fangs.

3. Then apply your candy to your freshly iced cake.

Scary graveyard Halloween cake
Make this spooky RIP Graveyard Cake

1. Prepare your cake with your favorite icing.

2. Melt colorful candies to cover your grave shaped cookies.

3. Dip your cookies into the colored chocolate, and let them freeze.

4. Use black melted chocolate in a piping bag and pipe out RIP onto candy covered cookie.

5. Then apply your cookies to your freshly iced cake.

RIP Scary Cakes for Halloween

Anyway you decorate these scary cakes, one thing is for sure… Halloween just got a whole lot more frightful and colorful at the same time.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Whitney Gray).

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  1. These all scary cakes are look beautiful. You shared very fascinating information. I like skeleton hand cake and I will try make this cake. Thanks for sharing this information.

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