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Cereal Bark Latte Treats


Cereal Bark Latte Treats

Fall is rushing quickly by here and that means my moments to stop and enjoy the simple things can be limited. There’s nothing I love more than a sweet treat, a tasty coffee and 5 minutes to just sit still to really perk up a busy morning. This cereal candy bark and a tasty caramel latte will do the trick every time. I love the pairing of a fruity chocolate treat with the taste of a café latte. And now, with the new Starbucks® Caffé Latte K-Cup® pods, I can brew my own lattes at home, this morning treat is that much sweeter.

starbucks lattes at home

We’ve always loved our Keurig® for the convenience and now I love it even more for giving me the goodness of a latte at home!

starbucks lattes at home


It’s super easy!

  1. Pour the entire packet into mug.
  2. Insert pod into the Keurig® and use the 8-oz setting on your brewer.
  3. Press the Brew button.
  4. Stir well and enjoy.

And, it’s the perfect accompaniment to these fun, fruity cereal treats!

Cereal Bark Latte Treats

Cereal Bark Latte Treats

Fruity Cereal Bark

To make the cereal bark you will need:

  • A few favorite flavors of cereal
  • Colorful melting chocolate
  • A baking sheet
  • Parchment paper


Cereal Bark Latte Treats

1. Start by melting the chocolate according to package directions. Spread the chocolates out on the parchment paper inside the baking dish.

2. Use a knife to swirl the chocolate together to create a vibrant backdrop.

3. Sprinkle the cereal on top and allow to chill in the fridge until set (about 2-3 hours).

4. Serve the cereal bark in pieces as a great addition to the tasty treat of a Starbucks latte at home.

Cereal Bark Latte Treats

Cereal Bark Latte Treats

Cereal Bark Latte Treats

Adding in whip cream and pieces of our cereal candy bark make a simple morning moment pretty magical. A sweet treat that  I don’t even have to leave home for is sure to stop me in my tracks and encourage me to celebrate even on the busiest of fall days.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

Stir, Sip, Enjoy. Signature Starbucks® latte flavors, now available in a K-Cup®

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