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Disco Inspired DIY Outdoor Cat House

Inside: The funkiest disco DIY outdoor cat house for your furry feline.

It’s time to get funky! This steller disco inspired outdoor cat house is going to have all the neighborhood felines wanting to crash at your place. We have created a super fun and functional outdoor cat bed that will keep your kitty cat warm on the cold days & feeling frisky on the warmer ones!

Disco DIY outdoor cat house

One of my favorite parts of this disco outdoor cat house is the way that the light reflects off of each of the cd tiles. Those are just old cd’s!!! It truly is like a “paw-ty” is going down in your very own backyard. And who doesn’t love a good disco party?

outdoor cat house made from broken cd's

Outdoor cat bed supplies

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Let’s create a totally stellar DIY outdoor cat house

First, you will need just a few different supplies to create this DIY outdoor cat house:

  • A plastic planter – grab the size that fits your cat
  • A Drill
  • A Large Screw Eye with Nut
  • CD’s – Lots of CD’s
  • Hot Glue Gun or any strong adhesive

DIY cat house made in an hour

Let’s get this disco cat house made in a few simple steps

1. First, you will want to grab your drill and drill a hole in the center of your planter.

2. Screw in the screw eye and nut, tightly. This is your main support for your little feline friend, so make sure that is safe and secure.

3. Next, take all your old CD’s or you can order a large bundle, HERE and cut them into various shapes and sizes.

4. Use your glue and piece together your CD’s like a puzzle.

5. Finally, put the best and the fuzziest blanket inside the disco outdoor cat bed to make your cat comfy and happy!

How to make a DIY outdoor cat house step by step

Like I said before, the best sight to see is when the sun hits this outdoor cat bed just right and it’s like a real party going on right in your backyard.

Disco cat bed

More cat lover DIY projects to try.

It’s so fun to add a little bit of spunk for all the furry felines to enjoy with this disco-inspired DIY outdoor cat house, here are a few more of our favorite cat DIY’s!

DIY cat bed for outsideOutdoor cat house instructions for making

This disco outdoor cat bed is a DIY I am sure you and your cat will love! Let us know in the comments if your kitty loves their new home.

((Photos & video @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)


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    • We used heavy duty gardening scissors and made sure to wear gloves! You could also smash them, although you end up with a LOT of tiny pieces that way – so I’d suggest cutting for sure!

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