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Festive Friday: Girl’s Night In


It’s a strange Friday to be sure. With today being the day for the long awaited inauguration, coupled with our month long snowstorm – I just want to hang out on the sofa all weekend long.

To combat these winter blues, having a girls night in sounds like exactly the diversion I need. A warm fire, a fondue pot filled with this recipe, comfy sweaters, good wine and our favorite movie on the screen. Doesn’t that sound wonderful for the snowy weekend ahead? You can even make your own temporary fireplace if you don’t currently have one at home just follow the instructions on diy movable fireplace.

Before I get snuggly, I want to share a few necessary supplies & my favorite boozy raspberry milkshake for creating a great girl’s night in:

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This marble board from Williams and Sonoma for cheese and crackers or that beautiful antipasto arrangement.

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A fondue pot is a necessary find for a Girl’s Night In. It can be a splurge to purchase items specific to one meal, but we use our fondue pot all the time! It’s worth it to have a pretty one. Whether it is cheese or chocolate, heat it up, and be in tasty heaven all night.

OMG! For the traditional wine glass users, these man drink markers are sure to make everyone giggle. The handsome little guys each have different names written on their swim trunks and they hang on the wine glasses to make sure everyone knows which glass is theirs. How cute?! :)

Cozy faux fur blankets that look so soft you’ll want to stay snuggled up in it all night.

This spa mist diffuser will keep everyone relaxed as you chat about relationships and (gasp!) the future of our country.

I love how bright and fun these cat pajamas are! And, pajamas are the perfect attire for a night like this. :)

Sometimes, all you want to do is put your hair up and hang. These velvet ponytail holders will do the job, cutely.

Girls night in is for wearing the coziest things you can find, these slippers look like they fit the part.

And a Free People sweater that is cute and cozy – for wearing over pajama pants and carb loading for the woman’s walk tomorrow!

boozy raspberry milkshake

And lastly… a boozy milkshake that might be the best part of this evening at home. Yum. You’ll need a great blender like a Smeg that comes in the best colors.

Boozy Raspberry Milkshake

My favorite recipe to create a boozy raspberry milkshake that looks as good as this photo:

1 cup vodka
2 cups red wine
4 scoops ice cream
2 cups fresh, washed raspberries
Whip cream for topping

The recipe couldn’t really be any easier: blend and top with a few lose raspberries. The result is so good!!!

Love & all the happy feelings to my ladies on this landmark jarring Friday. Let’s stay strong & yay for Girl’s Night In. :)

(Milkshake photo ©Thais Ramos Varela/Stocksy United).

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