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giant surprise balls

giant surprise balls | A Subtle Revelry

Have you participated in the tradition of using surprise balls? They look like so much fun and I’ve been wanting to make some for awhile. When I unpacked a stack of beach balls earlier this month I was instantly inspired to use them for an updated giant version. These would be a blast to have at a weekend BBQ, pool party, birthday, or even a fun diversion on a beach day. They give a grand impact to a summer party.

giant surprise balls | A Subtle Revelry

giant surprise balls | A Subtle Revelry

giant surprise balls | A Subtle Revelry

To make the giant surprise balls, start with one large beach ball and a full roll of streamer crepe paper. Pick out 5-10 prizes that are not too bulky in form. Begin by wrapping the streamers completely around the beach ball. Then in each new layer add a prize or two until you’ve stashed all the prizes for each ball. Pass the balls around at a party or roll to guests on the lawn for a festive game. 

Since you can design these surprise balls in any color choice, they are a great project for birthdays, holidays, and showers when a color theme is being used.

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  1. how fun! i recently put together a bag of fun goodies for a friend’s birthday gift but had wished i could come up with something neater than just a bag. this would have been a way better way to present a melange of goodies! will have to remember this for future.

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