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Paint By Numbers For Adults With Printable Templates

Just in case you thought paint by numbers was something set aside only for kids. That is no longer true! Did you know that we can create gorgeous large scale artwork for the house using a simple and nostalgic technique? Harness your inner 8 years old and let’s get a painting by the number because paint by numbers for adults is a real thing! And the result is pretty great.

Don’t forget to go to Hobby Lobby and order your supplies before you get started. Below is a list of supplies that you will need.

Paint By Numbers For AdultsOkay so let’s talk DIY paint by number for a second. This project is a perfect starting point for making your own artwork for the house. You will print the template we give you and follow along to create a similar style artwork. But, here’s the thing.. There’s no reason to stress about not getting paint by numbers to project perfectly.

In fact…

It’s often what happens outside the lines that we end up loving the best.

So get excited about this project and create a custom piece of artwork, large or small to fit any wall you might want to.

Paint By NumbersPaint By Numbers For Adults

To create this fun DIY paint by numbers for adults large scale artwork you will need:

Paint by numbers template

DIY paint by number

1. To make the DIY paint by numbers for adults project you’ll start first with printing the posters. The large ones we sent to staples to be printed as engineering prints. The smaller one we used our at-home printer. You can download the printable files right here to get started.

DIY paint by number2. Okay, now it’s time to paint by numbers! Are you ready?? Going by the guide you just printed out, paint in the spaces with paint. With the larger pieces, we used a small brush and acrylic paints. With the smaller print, we use paint pens so we could fill in the smaller spaces easier. Use whatever is easiest and fun!

*A quick paint by number tricks I learned along the way. You can totally change the colors to match whatever your space might need. Just go to the guide and cross out whatever colors you don’t want and add in the ones you do.


New paint by numbers guide that will be more aligned with your own personal style.

Paint By Number For Adults
3. Hang your one of kind of pieces of artwork to brighten up a wall, a mantel or any space that needs an impact of color.

I love using these frames from Target to hang our large scale artwork of all kinds. They are really affordable and have a thick substantial look to them, that shows off the paint by numbers art we just created or any type of artwork beautifully. See the frames also in the living room and holding my favorite NV posters in the dining room.

Although I’m a big fan of our template and graphic paint by numbers for adults artwork – especially the heart, that one is hanging in our master bedroom and looks so pretty!

But, it’s a concept you can take and do so much with.

Create your own DIY paint by number template with any black and white graphic and go to town creating artwork that looks well above your artistic pay grade. ;)

If you run out of supplies go to Hobby Lobby and order your supplies before you do your next project. Happy painting!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

PS. Still in the painting mood? Try paint stamping with celery for another easy DIY art project.


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    Thank you in advance

  2. Hi, any chance of getting the links for the paint by numbers? I would really love to make these for my walls, but cannot seem to find the link in the article? Please let me know! Thank you in advance!

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