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The Cutest Creative Pies Ever!

These pool float pies are simply the cutest and most creative pies ever! They are fun, colorful, and perfect for your next party! You can premake the pieces and have a decorating party, or set up these cuties and impress all your guest! You choose, either way they are sure to put a smile on anyones face!

The Cutest Creative Pies Ever


Creative Pies

It’s November. Which means the baking season has officially begun! Making creative pies has always been one of my favorite fall endeavors (see here). Inspired by Mo Willem’s newest book Nanette’s Baguette I had the kids jump in to help make these pool float pies for Thanksgiving. They are miniature bursts of colorful fun that I’m certain will be gobbled up in a moments time.

Creative Pies Recipe

Cutest Pies

Cute Creative Pies

Creative Swan Pie

To make these creative pies you will need


How to make creative pies

1. Start by mixing the cool whip with the food coloring to get the pie topping.

DIY Creative Pies

2. Roll out the extra pie crust and use a knife to cut out your favorite pool float animal shapes. If you don’t trust yourself to cut the shapes you can use a cookie cutter (Unicorn, Flamingo, Swan) and then slice the main body section off.

3. Place the crust on a parchment covered baking sheet and bake according to the package instructions until fully cooked.

4. Allow the crust pieces to cool and then use the food coloring to add color and texture to the crust pieces. These food coloring pens are perfect for more delicate facial features.

How to make Creative Pies

5. Top each miniature pie with the cool whip topping and gently push the head, tail and wings into the cool whip to hold. Keep in the fridge until ready to serve.

The Cutest Pies

The pool float creative pies are a wildly fun way to get the kids involved in baking prep and excited about the cooking season ahead. We spent time this past week reading through the newest book by Mo Willems, Nanette’s Baguette and it was completely adorable. From the cute text to the gorgeous paper popup French city layout – the book is a great jumping off point for the kids to get excited about making food and eating all the yummy options this time of year. The book released Oct 25th grab a copy right here.

The inspiration behind our creative pies is Nantte’s Baguette.

Today is the day Nanette gets to get the baguette! Is she set? YOU BET!


Mo Willems’ hilarious new picture book, Nanette’s Baguette, follows our plucky heroine on her first big solo trip to the bakery. But . . . will Nanette get the baguette from baker Juliette? Or will Nanette soon be beset with regret.

Set in a meticulously handcrafted-paper-modeled French village, the uniquely vibrant laugh-out-loud world of Nanette’s Baguette may be Mo’s best creation yet. Get set to crack into an irresistible tale you won’t soon forget.



(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

This post was produced in partnership with Disney books.

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