father’s day pendant flags

Father's Day Pendant Flags

Father’s Day is coming up so soon! Every year I like to think of a new and fun idea to show Matt how much we appreciate him. Flowers don’t work (except rosemary on steak) and ties get old quick. This year we’ve been crafting a bouquet of Father’s Day pendant flags. They are a fun way to say “We think you’re rad dad”, and when dropped off at the office he will instantly feel that dozen-of-roses-at-the-desk feeling. He will literally well up with pride. If we are going to cheer on anyone, shouldn’t dad be the one?

Father's Day Pendant Flags

Father's Day Pendant Flags

Father's Day Pendant Flags

Father's Day Pendant Flags

To make the Father’s Day pendant flags; you’ll need felt, wooden dowels and adhesive letters. Start by cutting out 8×10 pieces felt into a pendant shapes (a triangle vertically on the felt). Attach the pendants to wooden dowel sticks with hot glue and allow to dry. To make the wording for the flags we used adhesive stick on letters. They can be found at home improvement stores and are made for boat siding. I was so happy thy had an @ on the package we purchased:) Think up words and phrases that will make dad feel loved -peel and stick. It’s that simple! Drop of this manly bouquet of awesomeness at his desk, house, or favorite resturant.  

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{because the way to his heart is sweet}

mug cakes with printable father’s day tags

Mug Cakes With Printable Father's Day Tags | A Subtle Revelry

Father's Day Mug Cakes | A Subtle Revelry

Father’s Day is in less than one week! This simple idea will allow your kids to help and is sure to win the way to any dad’s heart. Microwave mug cakes with bright printable gift tags are a great option for a gift the whole family can help to create. The microwave cooking technique gives instant gratification, and after cooking the kids can easily pile on dad’s favorite toppings, making the cake a thoughtful way to end a special meal.

Mug Cakes With Printable Father's Day Tags | A Subtle Revelry

Keep reading for the mug cake recipe and to download the printable Father’s Day gift tags.


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{because he is worth it}

father’s day fridge magnets


Father’s Day is coming up and our long time sponsor Pinhole Press has a great selection of photo gifts for dad. I love this set of photo print fridge magnets – especially with a few shots of the kids. They are easy to order and a great place for dad to track his weekly plans. I love the idea of presenting them by writing in a week’s worth of activities to do with dad – extend his day a bit, he’s worth it. 


PS. Last year we gave the gift of personalized beer

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custom wrapping paper for dad

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

I saw the best idea the other day! When it comes to Father’s Day we always like to go sweet and silly with our gifts. A gift to match the guy. Well, my friends at Zazzle reminded me of this crazy awesome idea they came up with using their custom wrapping paper.

The paper is affordable and can be personalized with the face of your favorite guy.

That’s not the best part though…

Once the paper comes, you can add details to it (or give the kids a marker!)

Details like a mustache, a pirate’s patch, or a uni-brow just for fun. Rad, right!?! A Father’s Day gift he will not soon forget.

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

I’m so in love with this idea. What fun things do you have planned for Father’s Day this year?

PS. Last year’s wrapping paper for dad.

(Photography by Jenny)

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{because the weekend was made for the details}

painted candles + small details

simple painted candles | A Subtle Revelrysimple painted candles | A Subtle Revelry

This week has been filled with major projects at home. We’ve been renovating what will become my office/studio (here’s the before shot), and putting together the rest of the heavier pieces in our new home. It feels good to make large scale progress, but all the work has made me long for the simple little details that make a space pretty. These painted candles I designed for Julep are a perfect antidote – and a nice small scale project to brighten up your weekend, the full tutorial right here.

Here are a few other simple projects to brighten up your weekend;

Jurrassic corn cob holders

A strawberry rose pie

Gorgeous artwork free to download (via poppytalk)

A succulent planter box that is pretty enough to gift

Ribbon ties that will make any summer sandle party ready

DIY Father’s Day photo wrap

On a more random note; Did you know that the song, “Happy Birthday” has a copyright?

And a funny list of surrogate fathers we all knew

Also, I’m guest pinning for Etsy this week, follow along right here.

Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

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{because summer is saying hello}

the best ice cream hack ever

Old Fashion Ice Cream by Katie Quinn Davies

Before we take off for the weekend I have to let you in on my new favorite way to eat ice cream. You might remember last year we made a batch of oreo ice cream sandwiches, well – this is even better and easier! Simply scoop your ice cream (here’s my current favorite) and then sprinkle smashed up oreo cookies on top. It takes a normal summer evening treat to epic proportions – pinky promise.

Here are a few other quick tips I thought you might like for the weekend:

How to back up your phone photos, for that unfortunate day you leave it on top of your car

Why you can’t do anything you want in life (so true!)

Awesome printable wrapping paper

Remember these – dip dyed ice cream cones

Here’s a cute way to gussy up plastic cups

15 printable Father’s Day ideas

Gold striping tape

Old fashion ice cream photo (above) by Katie Quinn Davies.


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{because it is the thought that counts}

large print photo wrapping paper

Large print photo wrapping paper

Father’s Day is coming up soon, wedding season is upon us, and graduations are in full swing. Here is a simple idea to make your gifts special this season- wrap them in oversized printed photos.

Use sweet photos of the kids for dad, embarrassing pictures from your favorite grad’s youth, or early dating photos for the newlyweds you know. Every gift will feel special when you show a bit of history behind it, and this wrapping is a perfect spot to display it. 

large print copy photo wrapping paper


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beer tasting for Dad + giveaway

Give dad something he will truly enjoy for Father’s Day this year, beer! A beer tasting gift is both thoughtful and easy to put together. Adding photo labels from Pinhole Press with cute a snapshot of the kids will make the gesture extra special.

To give a great beer tasting gift pack, pick out a selection of different brews. A local brewery is a great place to start or a craft beer store will have a fun selection as well. Try to pick out bottles he would love but not normally buy for himself. Soak the bottles in warm water to release the labels. I saved all my labels by laying them on sheets of paper so Matt could connect the tab to the actual brew. On the papers I wrote a quick sentence as to why I picked that specific brew. Some were special to us and others just looked fun to drink. Replace the label with photos of the family and pack up in a simple box for delivery.

To help you make your own Father’s Day beer (or root beer) gift pack. Pinhole Press is giving away $50 gift card this week! Check out their site and let me know what your favorite Father’s Day photo idea is (so many great ones!). Leave a comment below to win. You can obtain extra entries by sharing the link to this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest just leave comments for each entry. Comments will close Sunday night June 10th.

ED update: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Chelsea for being our winner!

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