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birthday present halloween costume

Birthday Present Halloween Costume

Last year we did a festive Halloween costume series that was really fun. A birthday cake, a party lantern, a bunch of balloons, a baby bouquet of flowers, and real life honeycombs! Festive and bright costumes for the kids.

One thing we were missing – was a birthday present. So I am filling in the gap this year, with this incredibly easy birthday present costume (make it in under 1 hour). The costume is as bright and fun as you can get for Halloween.

Birthday Present Halloween Costume

Birthday Present Halloween Costume

To make the birthday present Halloween costume you will need; one cardboard box, one can of bright spray paint, thick ribbon for the shoulders, thin metallic ribbon for the box front, and a big funky bow for the headband.

DIY birthday present Halloween Costume

Start by gluing the bright bow to a length of metallic ribbon for the headband – the bigger the bow the better!

To make the birthday present box, tape or glue down all the flaps inside and spray paint the box in the bright color of your choosing.

Glue a metallic ribbon around the front of the box and glue two shoulder straps on the inside of each box for wearing. Measure the ribbon to your child.

That’s all it takes for a fun and festive Halloween costume! Perfect for the little ones in your trick-or-treating crew.

Birthday Present Halloween Costume

This birthday present costume idea will fit adults too with the right ribbon measurements – an easy office costume fix. Slip on to be fully in costume (like a superhero), slip off for your regular everyday fall look. Nice for running in and out of meetings and school parties.

More kid friendly Halloween ideas right here.

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry).

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