I am throwing a baby shower this weekend and having a blast planning the details. Rebecca made these gorgeous pink coffee filter flowers for a shower this summer and created a DIY to share the process with us. I love the substantial impact they create for little time and money. The flowers could be designed in bright colors for an end of summer party, in pastels for a wedding (think under canopy hanging), or for use at a cute-red-striped-baby-in-your-hands shower!

To make the coffee filter flowers: First assemble your supplies- coffee filters, bowl with water, paint, stir stick, needle and thread, scissors and white cotton twine. Add paint to water until you reach desired shade (I mixed three different shades of pink). Dip stack of filters in paint/water mixture. Dyeing stacks simultaneously allows for you to efficiently make 100 flowers.

Allow filters to dry, then shape filters into little flowers. String 10 filters onto piece of thread, about 24 inches long, and tie a knot in the thread. Gently pull all the filters together and shape into one round cluster. Tie to cotton twine around perimeter of your party area to make a garland, these are spaced about every 18 inches.