Magical glitter nails

Nothing beats a gorgeous set of glitter nails. No matter what party, event, wedding, shower, fundraiser, date etc I am attending, a solid set of gorgeous glitter nails says, “I am here & ready to party!” I’ve started wearing glitter on my nails to everything.

It is magic! :)

Something in the glitter brings out this fun, festive side of me.

Glitter is magical.

Once we made edible glitter and used it for cakes.

And another time I glittered ice cubes and my house shined for weeks.

And these glitter party crowns seriously gave me super powers.

So today, as we prepare to leave for a long family trip on the East Coast, I am desperately in need of super powers, magic, and to be honest a shower! So I am (of course) glittering my nails along the way. You should too. You don’t even need any fancy glitter polish to make it happen. Here’s how I like to do it…

My magical glitter nail hack

Paint your nails and allow them to fully dry. Once dry, working one nail at a time, polish with a clear top coat, and sprinkle on the glitter. Any glitter will do. Although this tinsel glitter looks exceptional! Once your entire hand is completely dry brush off the excess glitter. Top with a final coat of clear polish.

It is not only magical, but will last all week long! It will last through present wrapping, train catching, wedding going, balloon blowing, hand holding. It will last through whatever your nails have planned this week. It will give you a magic glitter boost of super power… no one else will know why your being so amazing! Will you try it? I’d love to see…

PS. Homemade glitter, glitter walls and my favorite glitter heels.

(Photography done in collaboration with ©Sonja Lekovic/Stocksy International).