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The neon graveyard

Neon graveyard

We took a trip to the neon graveyard museum in Las Vegas last week. It was amazing! There are stacks and stacks of old neon signs and vintage bulbs everywhere. There are even a few signs the museum has restored (I learned that even a small sign can cost upwards of $50,000 to restore). I loved seeing the progression of the signs from old western, to atomic, to the more modern designs. It is such a fun representation of the history of my town.

If you are ever in Las Vegas you need to take an hour to come and explore this spot. You can even schedule an event at the neon graveyard, which makes me want to get married in Vegas all over again! Just be sure to go early in the day if you head out during summer. I booked the first tour of the day and it was already over 100 degrees outside! I’m honestly not sure, how I ever managed living in such a crazy HOT city. It really was worth the sweat though to see all the colorful details and gorgeous lines on these pieces.

I took about a thousand photos and couldn’t wait to show you a few of my favorite signs…

Neon stars

Vintage Stardust sign

Neon clover sign

neon arrow

neon casino signs

neon cactus

Neon Ace

Neon B

The neon graveyard in Las Vegas

I think my favorite detail of all was seeing the chipped paint and broken bulbs on the huge and once so glamorous signs. Something about it was eerie and incredibly beautiful. Have you ever been?

PS. Our DIY neon glow signs.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry taken with my i-phone:)

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