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13th Birthday Party Ideas For The Cool Mom

Inside:13th birthday party ideas. 

Turning 13 is a BIG deal! Going from kid to teenager is enough to make any parent giddy and a little nostalgic at the same time.

Planning the party should be fun and giving your upcoming teenager a fun event that feels 100% of them is easier than you may think.

Be a cool mom & win their trust with the best party ideas for turning thirteen.

From themes to decorations to party games – this 13th birthday party ideas list is all you need to make their 13th birthday party the best one yet!

13th Birthday Party Ideas

13th birthday party ideas for girls

Celebrating your daughter turning 13th is a special kind of fun. They have opinions, they have that evil eye developing and they are also so much fun!

Here are a few ideas bound to create love and not strife between you too.

1. Spa Theme

Girls of all ages need some self-love care.

There are so many different things that can be included with this: face mask bar, pedicure section with all the nail polish colors.

Party bags can consist of all the things needed to make this night a success.

2. Pancakes and Pajamas

This makes me think of the movie Princess Diaries 2, music, pajamas, and a mattress slide.

3. Movie Night

Why not get a projector and play the best movies in the backyard. Snacks can include all the best candies and popcorn!

4. Unicorns

Unicorns are the trend right now as far as 13th birthday party ideas go, just look and you’ll see there is everything unicorn.

From unicorn headbands, to unicorn ice cream, to balloons, here’s the fun recipe for a unicorn drink to enjoy and our favorite unicorn piñata to hit open.

5. Glitter galaxy

Some girls like glitter, some girls like space. Combine the two, and you’ve got an interstellar party theme!

5. Hawaiian Luau

Tiki torches, drinks served in hollowed-out pineapples, virgin pina Coladas, grass skirts, and leis.

Follow these Luau party ideas for tips to make it special.

6. Planting Party

This is one of my favorite ideas! Get the kids together and get planting.

Your local nursery might even have party packages for older girls to start their own gardens at home.

7. Paint + Sip

Have you ever been to a paint and sip studio?

They are SO fun! Everything is set up when you walk in, and there is an instructor that walks you step by step directions on how to paint a masterpiece all while drinking wine.

For a kids version, just replace the vino with your kid’s favorite drink or something special like non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiris!

13 year old birthday party ideas for boys

1. Sports Theme

This theme could either be a mix of all sports or specific to his favorite sport.

Games could include Horse in basketball, capture the flag, kickball, etc.

2. Soda party

This theme could go modern or old school 50s soda pop style.

3. Neon dance party

Anything neon goes and to make this more fun add in black lights to make the colors pop even more neon!

4. Video game

I haven’t met a teenage boy who doesn’t love video games. When I’m thinking of 13th birthday party ideas for my boys, all I think is video games!

They can spend hours playing games with each other. Embrace the love for this party theme.

5. Nerf Party

Go all-out war zone for this party theme. Each kid can pick his nerf gun for the gun wall and have an epic nerf battle. The party can be decorated with the colors of nerfing or camo

6. Camping

Turn your backyard into the ultimate campsite. Have everyone bring a sleeping bag to sleep under the stars (or a tent) and roast some s’mores by the fire.

7. Laser Tag

Laser tag arenas usually rent their space out for birthday parties. A private laser tag party can’t be beaten.

exploding box for birthday party invite

Invitation ideas for a 13-year-old birthday

The right invite can send a great introduction to the party.

Although store-bought ones are getting cuter every day – like these ones and these!

There is still something special about creating your own invite from scratch.

Here are a few ideas to make the 13th birthday party ideas come to life as a fun announcement for everyone.

1. Movie ticket

These invites look like an actual movie ticket, instead of the movie title, it is “Samantha’s 13th Birthday Party” then include all of your party information.

2. Emoji card

Emojis are almost their own language. Include emojis and maybe including the words so parents can understand too ;)

3. A printed text conversation

“Want to come to my 13th birthday party.”
“Heck yes! When?”
“June 7th at 12pm at my house.”

4. Sports game ticket

This invite would go perfect for a sports theme party.

5. VIP all-access backstage pass

Make kids feel like they are going to an exceptional event by printing VIP on the invites and have them on a neck lanyard.

6. In a scroll

This makes me think of Harry Potter, a scroll that can have glow in the dark writing.

7. Popcorn shape

Another perfect invite for a movie night 13th birthday party theme!

8. Printed on a balloon

These invites can be delivered blown up with helium or deflated in an envelope!

9. Confetti Box

Anything that includes confetti has me all over it. These are some fun invites!

10. Puzzle

Have invites printed on heavy-duty paper, then trace a small puzzle on top of the sheet. Cut out the pieces and deliver!

11. Printed Candy Wrapper

Instead of a candy bar with the name of the candy, print all the details of the party. Each kid gets to enjoy a chocolate bar as well.

12. Scratch Off

To make your own scratch-offs, you will need:

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Silver (or whatever color you want) acrylic paint
  • Clear packing tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Cardstock

Scratch off party invites for the 13th birthday

  1. Mix 1 part dish soap to 2 parts paint.
  2. Put a piece of clear tape over what you want to cover
  3. Now paint over the tape. (this may take multiple layers)
  4. Scratch off!

13. Decoder

For your eyes only, how secretive are these invites?

14. A cootie catcher/ fortune teller

When was the last time you did one of these? They can be a bit tricky to fold, so be sure to follow these directions.

13thy birthday party decorations

Decoration Ideas for a 13-year-old birthday

When it comes to decorations to bring to life your 13th birthday party ideas, the deal here is to be fun – without being too old or too young!

This transition into teen life is a rocky one, make it easier with decoration ideas everyone will love.

1. Black lights

Replace regular light bulbs with black lights or add a string of them around the party and add vibrant colors all over.

2. Glow sticks in balloons

Crack a glow stick and put them inside the balloons for a fun decoration to a blacklight party.

3. Big Number balloons

Bigger the better obviously here.

4. Selfie Station

Teens love selfies, but the background is everything. Background can be made out of so many things: a sequin tablecloth, or streamers, balloons, wrapping paper, you name it. Add in some props too!

5. Donut Bar

This can be like the donut walls at weddings, or donuts displayed out on in a pyramid. Have a collection of everyone’s favorite types of donuts.

6. Starbucks Bar

There are so many ways to get creative with this decor to bring to life your 13th birthday party ideas!

Replace the mermaid with your kid’s face, or replace Starbucks with your kids’ name. Make some of Starbucks’ tasty treats like cake pops and frappuccinos.

7. Build a Terrarium

This is the perfect activity for the party and party favor to take home. Plus, there’s always a terrarium cake to go with this idea!

8. Glitter balloons

What’s better than balloons?

Glittered balloons. Either pour chunky glitter or confetti on the inside before blowing them up or spray the blown-up balloon with adhesive and sprinkle glitter on top.

13th birthday party games

13-year-old birthday party games to play

1. Photo Booth

Whatever theme or colors you decide from this list of 13th birthday party ideas, make a fun photo booth that also functions as some awesome decor will pull it all together every time!

2. Foam twister

To add a twist on the game twister, put colored shaving cream on each dot. Warning: This may get messy!

3. Photo scavenger hunt

A twist on the classic scavenger hunt, instead of collecting the items, players have to take photos of things on their list.

4. What’s on your phone?

If all teens have a phone, this game is a twist off of the game “what’s in your purse?”.

Make a list and assign points to what teens could have on their phones.

Some ideas include a contact under the letter Y, a selfie in the mirror, if you DON’T have the app, Instagram installed.

You could also use the phones to play this selfie hot potato game which is such fun!

5. Toss and talk ball

Write different questions on the ball and have kids sit in a circle and throw it to the next person.

Where-ever their thumb lands, is the question they have to answer.

Although this lands as an amazing hit on our 13th birthday party ideas list, it really would work for birthday parties of every age.

Just adjust the questions to be age-appropriate.

6. Pin the face on the emoji

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, kids have to place the eyes, nose, and mouth on the face while blindfolded.

7. Donut on a string

Tie donuts on a string then hang them about mouth level. Kids have to eat it off the string with their hands behind their backs.

To make this more challenging, add in blindfold. Whoever finishes their donut the fastest, wins!

8. Saran or Streamer Wrap Ball

This Is How The Saran Wrap Game Works!

  • The first person with the ball starts unwrapping while the person on their right rolls a pair of dice, trying to roll doubles.
  • Once doubles are rolled, the ball is passed to the next player and the sequence begins again.
  • The person with the ball does not stop unwrapping until the person to their right rolls doubles. This creates wonderful suspense and urgency to the game!
  • You get to keep whatever treasure falls out of the streamer wrap along the way!
  • You can roll the dice to see who starts with the ball first! (i.e., the First person to roll a six)

9. Yard Games

There are so many games that come in large yard style including Jenga, Connect Four, Yahtzee, and more.

10. Who Knows the birthday boy/girl best?

11. Mash (old school)

M = Mansion
A = Apartment
S = Shack
H = House
Add the O = outside

You can download this premade sheet to print.

12. Glow in the dark capture the flag (bracelet instead of a flag)

Here’s how to play:

1. Gather a big group of friends who like to chase each other. Divide up into 2 teams.
2. Review how to play capture the flag. See the instructions here.
3. Get your glow on. You will need 2 glow sticks of different colors – these will be the flags. Each player will need 2 glow bracelets, one for each wrist, the same colors as the flags. Half of your group will wear one color for their team. The other half will wear a second color.
4. Don’t activate your sticks until just before you are ready to play.

So how will you celebrate your favorite kid entering their teenage years?

Let’s make it fun and with your favorite from our 13th birthday party ideas. There are bound to be a few that your upcoming teenager will think are cool. ;) Happy parenting!

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