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Festive Fringe Crepe Paper Streamer Ideas

One of the things I love about pinatas is how pretty their fringe is. So why not bring that same gorgeousness onto the walls and other party decor. The same simple steps can be used to create soft, fluffy strands of garlands. Aren’t they delightful? The gorgeous texture of these crepe paper streamer ideas in their pretty fall hues will bring a fun dose of festive to your home this season.

crepe paper streamers ideas

crepe paper streamers

DIY streamers

 DIY Crepe Paper Streamer Ideas

To make these DIY streamers; stack four lengths of paper streamers on top of each other and pass them through the sewing machine (or stitch tightly by hand). Fold the stack in half on the stitched line. An optional step is to use pinking sheers on the edge, for extra texture and fluff.

crepe paper


Fringe the length of the unsewn edge making sure not to cut through the thread. When the fringing is complete, use your fingers to fluff the garland strands by separating the layers and ruffling the fringed edges.

how to create crepe paper streamers

A few more of my favorite crepe paper streamer ideas

DIY crepe paper streamers

Let us know what you come up with all your rolls of crepe paper! The possibilities are endless!

Project design + photography by Amy Christie for A Subtle Revelry.


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  1. These are so fabulous!! I had no idea these were so easy to make…time consuming, yes, but that’s what movie marathons are for, am I right?! :) Thank you for the tutorial, I will definitely be trying it.

    I’ve always loved the tissue festooning you can buy at party stores, but for the price I knew there must be a better way. Crepe paper streamers are so inexpensive and come in every color and pattern under the sun…this is a great idea for using them in a new way!

    I actually just posted another idea for using crepe paper streamers on my blog today: DIY crepe paper streamer placemats! I’d be honored if you’d pop by and take a peek at

    Lisa :)

  2. I realize that this post is reasonably old, but I just made this garland and have a tip (actually, two): firstly, herb scissors make this go really really quick. Secondly, I found I had to fluff a lot to keep the garland from looking flat in places, like it does in the picture. If you flatten the seams by folding the two top layers one way and the two bottom layers the other (just like you’re flattening a seam in sewing) before you fringe the crepe, it hides the stitches and fluffs up really well.

    • Emilie, I can usually find pretty colors on Amazon – search for specifics like peach streamers. Hope that helps.

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