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Glitter Party Decoration Details

I don’t know about you, but for me, glitter party decorations are my favorite! Host a dazzling glitter themed party with these fun details. From Christmas through New Years – glitter is my decoration of choice (NYE Balloon Drop with Glitter Balloons and glitter twist birthday crown). Glitter isn’t just for the extra bling, it’s our shining star!

Glitter Party Details

Glitter Themed Using a mix of glitter mediums you can create a stack of presents worthy of your tree, or decorate the entire room for a holiday glitter themed party that will shimmer and shines with brightness.

Glitter tape is one of the easiest ways to turn any object into a piece of festive beauty. Here are 5 creative glitter party decorations I am loving to update the look of any holiday scene.

Glitter Party Decorations

Glitter Themed Party

Here are a few of our favorite glitter party decorations

1. Glitter tape is a great way to add last minute bling to presents. Simply run it along the top of the presents and quickly bring your packaging to life (no bow tying needed!). Here’s my favorite glitter tape for decorating.

Glitter Party Decorations

Glitter Party

Glitter Details

2. For a glitter themed party presents that need a little more love – use glitter ribbons. To make these take a length of ribbon and use a paintbrush to cover it lightly in Modge Podge then add on the glitter. Allow the ribbon to dry before wrapping it around gifts.

Glitter Decorations

3. Make glittered letter decorations for a fun last minute glitter party idea. Start by cutting out letters to say whatever festive words come to mind… drink for over the bar, joy for over a dessert table, or merry for the front entrance. Cover the paper cut letters with glitter tape and there it is! Gorgeous last minute details that your party space needs.

Glitter Party Details

4. Glittered glasses of both kinds will bring in the NYE festivity with ease. Purchase cheap glasses and pop the lenses out, cover the glasses with glitter tape before replacing the lenses for a fun way to wear your NYE style. For the drinking glasses, small dots of the glitter tape will do the trick, or use Modge Podge to create little dots to cover in glitter fun.

Party Decorations

5. Top your drinks with bling. Use glitter tape folded in half over the straws to create colorful drink tags that will make all party sips more fun.

PS. Pair this glitter party look with magical glitter nails.

(Photography & Art Direction ©A Subtle Revelry by Jesy Almaguer. Set Design by Ana Blizzard. Model – Ana Maria @ Orange Marketing. Beauty by Iliana Guzman).

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