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17 Pool Party Games You’ve Never Seen Before

This post has been sponsored by Newell Brands. All pool party games & opinions are my own.

Pool Party GamesYou guys... It is pool party season and I couldn't be more excited. From lounging with the kids deck side, to jumping in and playing all the fun pool party games - this time of year cannot be beat. We love hosting pool parties - both the big ones by a pool and the more family-focused ones with a blow-up in the backyard. Either way, we do it these pool games are sure to be a hit.

pool party supplies

Making sure we have the right supplies for our pool party games and keeping everyone going during our day at the pool is always important. I'm choosing bubba® Stainless Steel Kegs from Walmart to be my poolside companion drink choice this season. The vibrant assortment of colors is perfect for a fun summer occasion and the size allows us to continue a day uninterrupted by refilling beverages and gives me the benefit of staying hydrated for extended periods of time. It also helps that beverages keep nice in cool for up to 24 hours so I don’t have to worry about the hot sun heating up my beverage, too!

Pool Party Games

See what combinations or liquids taste the best together. Grab some fresh fruit and let the creative “juices” really come to life! Make up fun concoctions that the whole family will enjoy and see who can guess what is in which bubba keg? Which fruit is the key flavor in each Bubba Keg? The one who guesses closest wins that keg!

1. Suicide drinks

See what combinations or liquids taste the best together. Grab some fresh fruit and let the creative “juices” really come to life! Make up fun concoctions that the whole family will enjoy and see who can guess what is in which bubba keg? Which fruit is the key flavor in each Bubba Keg? The one who guesses closest wins that keg!

Float games pool party

2. Inflatable Toss

Whether it's a flamingo head or a pool, tossing inflatables to win is always a great game to play.

3. Frisbee golf with sponges

To play this game, float 5-6 frisbees upside down in the pool with numbers written on them 5, 10, 15 points. Take turns tossing the sponge into the pool and trying to land it on the frisbees of choice to rack up the most points.

4. Pass the water

Get a number of cups and pass the water over your head to hand it to the next person behind you. This is a fun pool deck game to play before heading into the water. Or try it in the pool, it is about 8 times harder and much more hilarious while swimming.

swimming pool party games

5. Pool pick up sticks

This is a favorite game to play with kids or adults. Best to play at dusk or in the dark. Snap all the glow sticks and throw them in the pool. Then try to grab each one without making the others move. It's harder than you'd think! A pick-up sticks battle that inevitably gets a little rowdy as you play.

6. Pool scavenger hunt

Find an odd collection of things poolside to toss in and "hide" and whoever finds the most wins the hunt that day.

7. Pool noodle ship sailing

Collect and cut a pool noodle so each swimmer has a 3-inch section. Attach a fabric sail onto each with a toothpick. Place the boats at one side of the pool and see who can get to the other end quickest. The only rule is you cannot touch the ships, so kicking, making waves, and blowing are all allowed. See who's ship wins the race.

8. Beach Ball Questions

Blow up a beach ball and write a number of different questions around the ball in waterproof ink. Toss the ball around the pool and whoever catches it must answer a question on the ball. It's a fun game to get older kids into the mix and is great for learning new facts about your favorite kids while keeping cool.

pool party game ideas

Getting all the pool party games supplies we need including the bubba kegs from Walmart was easy. I love that I can grab everything from kid's toys to great cocktail mixings to streamers all in one stop.

Pool party games for kids

9. Racketball pool style

Pick up a racketball set and hit the pool, it's a game that for whatever reason is made 25 times better by just being in the water!

10. Pool Jenga

You guys, we made this pool party game last summer and it was so fun! Grab about 10 pool noodles and cut them into about foot long sections each. Stack them like you would a Jenga game on top of the water and try to play. It was a hoot.

11. Tug of war

Take a beloved land game and make it one of your new favorite pool party games! Tug of war, but swimming. This game is great for a large group and gets everyone involved.

pool party games for girls

12. Mermaid or dolphin races

Adorn the mermaid tails that are so popular this season and get ready to dive in. See who can swim the farthest, the fastest, or stay under water the longest to see who gets the best mermaid of the day!

13. Balloon Collection

Blow up and float about 30-40 balloons in 6 different shades. Assign each swimmer a color and see who can make it back to the end of the pool with the most balloons collected! This game is awesome because it is part hunt (find the balloon), and then part hilarious trying to swim with the balloons and not lose them along the way. I always try to get the dads involved here for an extra dose of laughter. ;)

14. Musical Water Balloon Toss

This is the pool version of the good old party game pass the parcel. Participants need to catch the parcel whilst in the pool, so you can imagine how difficult and absolutely hilarious this game can be!

15. Water Balloon Throwing Contest

See who can throw the most water balloons at unexpected victims. Make sure that you state clearly in the rules that throwing it at fully clothed parents is forbidden before letting the games begin!

16. Greased Ball Relay

Relay races are super hard, even when you are dressed in your sports kit and running on an even surface, this race takes relay races to the next level! Grease a small ball or a watermelon and swim to your team members. Onlookers out of the water will find this incredibly funny whereas the participants will get a good work out that’s for sure!

17. Finders Keepers

Water games that require you to swim and jump are always the most fun pool party activities. This one is probably the best pool party game for kids as they get to keep their surprise prizes. 

One person with the prizes has to stand at the edge of the swimming pool, while the kids eagerly await their prizes. When the referee says ‘go’ a prize is thrown into the pool and whoever gets to it first wins. 

There is a catch, onlookers can squirt the players with water guns to distract them from the prize. If the participants are older, you can throw water balloons at them too!

Top Tip: This game should be played in the shallow end of the pool. 

Pool Party Ideas

Fun pool games are brilliant, but if you want to take the pool party to the next level, you should think about the layout and decor too. We have a few suggestions for you that will make your party feel like a holiday (if only for a few hours) here are our suggestions: 

1.Have Pool Toys Sections Around the Pool

Scatter the pool toys around the pool so that wherever you go there is something to liven the mood. 

2. Clear Water Bottles 

Fill clear water bottles up with water and put them in the pool. Let the guests know that there are two or three clear water bottles in the pool and whoever finds them during the part will be in charge of the next party game. This will keep everyone alert and engaged throughout the party. 

3. Picnic Station 

Is it even a party without some nibbles?

4. Inflatable Animals 

The inflatable animals will go down a treat on social media! Make sure they are big and colorful so that the kids can ride on them and take great pictures. 

Bubba Brand Review

Make pool days more fun with cold drinks that last through all 15 pool party games! Pool season can be just as fun for mom as it is for kids with the right drinks at the right temperature. Head to Walmart today to pick up all your pool party games supplies and the drink supplies that will make this summer one to remember.

PS. Looking for recipes to fill that bubba with? Try our pretty Paloma cocktail, punch recipes that will please the entire crowd, or watermelon soda, which is always a hit!

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