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DIY A Large Balloon Easter Basket That Will Hold All Your Fav Candy

Inside: An easy DIY balloon Easter basket.

Easter is quickly approaching which means the Easter bunny will be visiting soon! My favorite treat that the Easter bunny brings is the assortment of yummy MARS candy. With the Easter bunnies arrival, we must know first of all how to stuff an Easter basket and then have the PERFECT basket for all those treats, which is why I created this easy & fun balloon Easter basket.

Balloon Easter Basket

They say that is bigger is always better, which is why I love this extra large balloon Easter basket. It’s perfect because there is such a large selection of MARS candy to choose from, it’s hard to choose just a few!

MARS Easter BasketHow to make an easy DIY balloon Easter basket

To make this balloon Easter basket you will need:

  • Liquid Detergent
  • Yarn
  • A large balloon
  • Your favorite MARs Candy (My favorite are the Starburst jelly beans!)

DIY Easter Basket

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Step-by-step process for making a balloon Easter basket

1. You will start by soaking your yarn in a bowl full liquid detergent. You want your yarn to be fully saturated, making it where the yarn will be totally firm by the time it’s dried.

2. Blow up your balloon and begin wrapping your saturated string around the balloon. I found that going criss-cross around the balloon tightly was the best method.

3. Let dry. Because you are using yarn and the balloon is large this will take about 24 hours. Using a fan helps ensure the yarn is fully dry and firm!

How to make a DIY balloon Easter basket

Balloon Basket

 4. Once your yarn is fully dry, use a pin to pop the balloon inside. This makes the basic balloon Easter basket frame.

5. Next, grab scissors and cut a large hole in the front, creating an opening for all your yummy MARS candy!

6. Set out your balloon Easter basket with all your best MARS candy and enjoy.

Mini balloon easter basketTo create these individual mini balloon Easter basket cuties

Just like you created the large balloon Easter basket you will do with these little minis.

  • Instead of using yarn we used embroidery floss
  • Small water balloon sized balloons were used in place of the large one

Then fill with some of your favorite MARS individually wrapped Easter candy!

Here’s another DIY Easter basket that would be fun to create alongside these ones.

Large easter basket

Let us know in the comments what MARS candy you fill your balloon Easter basket with!! Mine will be a mix of Starburst jelly beans and the mini Snickers and DOVE!

PS. Here are a few more of our Easter favorites, this fun fuzzy pompom bunnies, and these cute paper bunny heads! And unique Easter basket ideas for adults-  to make sure everyone is having fun.

(Photos & video @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)

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