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How to make a fake tattoo with sharpie

Inside: How to make a fake homemade temporary tattoo with sharpie

St.Patrick’s Day always tends to catch me off guard. I wake up incessantly searching for something green. This year I have all I need to miss out on the pinching with the use of a sharpie and these festive Saint Patrick’s Day temporary tattoos. Here is how to make a fake tattoo perfect for St. Patricks Day!

How to make a fake tattoo

homemade temporary tattoo

temporary tattoo with sharpie

How to make a fake tattoo

To make this homemade temporary tattoo with sharpie you will first need to print out the temporary tattoo PDF onto tracing paper. Next, darkly trace the outline with a black or green sharpie. Cut out the fake tattoo and apply using a warm damp rag to adhere it onto the skin. To make the homemade temporary tattoos waterproof, cover the entire surface with a liquid bandage after the application has dried.

how to make a homemade temporary tattoo

A few helpful tips or tricks

Here are a few easy tips and tricks on how to make a fake tattoo with a sharpie a little cooler! First, these 25 awesome tattoo fonts are sure to amp up for temporary tattoo game. When you’re ready to change up your temporary tattoo, I find using baby soap was a great way to remove them.

PS. For more fun sharpie DIYs check out this fun post!

Photography was done in collaboration with Pictilio and Erin Holland (she took the ones of Matt). Thanks to Candace for modeling.


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  1. That’s such a nice idea! And very simple.. I love it.
    I always look with envy those beautiful tatoos I see on girls and wish I could have the same… for a year!
    I know I wouldn’t like it anymore in some years so I keep from making one but this is just the perfect solution!
    Thank you :)

  2. LOL this must have been fun. Like the idea,perhaps one day i will try this out on a victim.LOL
    thank you for the sharing.
    Most people thinks that i ‘m a tatoo lover, i like some of them but not on my own skin. so a temporary must be fun on mine as well.
    Like the greate tute , t hank you very much!!!!

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