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The Party Podcast: The best party supplies with Jordan Ferney

The Best Party Supplies with Jordan Ferney

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Today I am super excited to be chatting with Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day. Jordan has been a favorite blogger of mine for years and she just recently opened her own party supply shop. YAY! The Oh Happy Day shop is filled to the brim with gorgeous colors, designs, and the most wonderful things for celebrating a party. Jordan is chatting with us today about how she finds, stores, and uses the best party supplies.

How to find great party supplies

In this episode Jordan tells us her favorite places to find party supplies around the globe, we chat about the making of the original pinatas (one word *OUCH!), and she explains why these gorgeous plates are her current favorite in the shop.

Dinner party

Jordan shares the vision behind her 52 dinner party goal for the year. Doesn’t that sound like a great goal!?! Here are a few genius tips to institute this type of goal at home…

  • Use a grocery delivery service that will allow for making food and recipe lists on hand. Her favorite is Instacart to deliver groceries. I’ve never tried a grocery delivery service, but I am dying to find one that works in Reno.
  • Plan the dinner parties around when you know you’ll have a clean house to minimize the stress. So smart!
  • Have cloth napkins ready to go.
  • Always include some element of surprise. I love the surprise idea of a plus one party and the other fun examples Jordan shares.

CRepe Streamers

Jordan shares a little insight into her own party closet – what she believes we should all keep on hand to throw together a party super quick.

Crepe paper party supplies

Lastly, Jordan shares what’s coming next for Oh Happy Day… I’m so excited for her and cannot wait to see her products come to form in real life. If you have any type of party coming up this episode is a great one for inspiration and practical party tips.

PS. Here is my favorite balloon from the Oh Happy Day party shop.

(All photos @Oh Happy Day).

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