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A Piñata Costume DIY for You & Your Furry Friend

Inside: The cutest Piñata costume for you and your furry friend.

It’s the season of sugary treats, spooky parties, and some super cute costumes! I love a good festive party costume like these 17 DIY couples costumes or these adorable DIY costumes for kids. I REALLY love a matching costume duo.

The best duo I could think of is my loyal furry friend, so we came up with the perfect ones, these cute DIY Piñata costumes!

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Pinata CostumeDIY Pinata Halloween CostumeThe Perfect Piñata Costume for You and Your Furry Friend

There is something so fun about matching costumes, and something even more fun about matching your best four-legged friend! These DIY Piñata costumes are the best and most colorful and fun Halloween costume DIY, plus it’s so easy ANYONE could make it.

DIY Halloween Costume for DogsDIY Halloween CostumeHow to Make a Piñata Costume

There are only a couple simple supplies and a few easy steps that you need to make this DIY piñata costume.


  • Felt – Various Pinata Colors
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • T-Shirt
  • Foam Cone
  • Headband


  1.  First, you want to start by cutting 2.5-inch strips of your sheet of felt. Make sure to cut lengthways for maximum coverage. Trust me it saves time.
  2. Next cut 0.5-inch to 1.0-inch slits halfway up into the felt strips. To create a fun fringe look.
  3. Take your shirt and layout each strip and apply a thin layer of hot glue to attach to the shirt.
  4. To make the horns, use the same concept by wrapping each fringe layer around the cone. Use hot-glue to secure them to the foam cone.
  5. Secure the horns to a headband to make the perfect pinata costume topper.

How to make a pinata costumeDIY Pinata CostumeA Few Tricks to Creating a Pinata Costume

  1. When making your dogs costume, sizing can be difficult. Lucky for us, this pooch is a big fella so he fit into a human shirt. But I recommend using a shirt made for dogs. I would also say it would be a good idea to size up. When you apply the strips to hot glue it doesn’t allow the shirt to stretch any longer, making fitting your pooch into the outfit a little more difficult.
  2. For your pinata costume, I would suggest just doing applying your fringe strips to the front of your costume. This helps it not feel so stiff and boxy.
  3. If you don’t want to use hot glue, iron-on tape to attach your fringe strips.

Costumes for you and your dogMore Fun Halloween DIY’s

This Pinata DIY costume is so fun and the perfect Halloween DIY, here are a few more of our favorite DIY’s for the season.

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You can make them some super cute and totally stylish DIY Dog Collars too! Now it’s time to trick-or-treat with you and your pup!

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(Photos & Video @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray).

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